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Jan 23rd, 2018, 11:30pm

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« Thread started on: Mar 17th, 2010, 6:28pm »

The night was dark but the moon shone down on the train tracks the only thing to place a blemish on the star lit sky was a buff of smoke coming from the turret of the incoming train. it was nothing more than a cargo train bringing in a fresh import of food and other items but like most things that seem simple there is always the off chance something is amiss and this was one of those chances for in a large pile of grain sacks and other things unseen in the darkness was a woman, not much more than a girl at first glance but you would have been lucky to have even seen that for she had become quite accustomed to hiding from people and being unseen, forgettable even. Dressed in dark clothing that was showing its age she waited for the right time to jump ship and head off. She had no idea where it was she was going as always she would simply follow her feet and see where they lead her. She didn't mind being alone unlike a lot of people in her predicament, she had come from a large family and she now enjoyed the quite moments she now seemed to live by. she listened to the train start to slow down its speed and shifted a couple of the sacks looking around in the dusty container, she could see through the wooden slats out into the night, the lights from the town where just visible on the horizon, she would wait till they came closer before she jumped off. She leant back against the wooden wall thinking about her next step. the train started to slow down even more and she guessed this was the closest she was going to get without being seen by anyone, she could now see the town quite clearly a couple of miles off in the distance. She stood brushing herself off and grabbed the bag she had been sitting on. Opening the large gate like door to his segment of the train she braced herself and jumped from the train landing with a role she made a run for the new town, her fiery hair slipping from the hat on her head.
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