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Baseball cards for the "Peacemakers"
Post by Clay Hallow on Jun 20th, 2007, 10:17pm

Re: Baseball cards for the "Peacemakers"
Post by Draegan Locke on Jun 21st, 2007, 7:27pm

Draegan Locke

Position - LF
Team - Peacemakers
Traits as Outfielder - Draegan is good at catching things that wind up way out in (heh, heh) left field; however, he runs faster in heels than in cleats...
Batting Traits - A quick eye, but a comparatively slow swing. Good for singles, doubles, and balls that otherwise take a while to retrieve. Due to his height, he winds up taking bases often (especially pitches thrown by short people). Quick to reach bases.
Special skills - A disarming smile and a loud voice.
Re: Baseball cards for the "Peacemakers"
Post by Sicilia Perrine on Jun 21st, 2007, 10:29pm

Sicilia Perrine

Position: Third Base
Third base traits: She has no problem getting others out just as long as she isn't to far away from people. Then she'll get quite nervous.
Batting: Would rather not bat due to lack of hand eye coordination. Most likely if she were to bat she'd swing and end up spinning around and falling to the ground dizzy.
Skills: Has plenty of dumb luck
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Post by Zaph on Jun 21st, 2007, 11:25pm


Position - Right Field
Team - Peacemakers
Right Fielder Talents- Hates having balls hit to him because it interrupts his daydreaming. When he's not distracted, Zaph wisely uses yogic trances to astrally project his spirit body to make spectacular plays, unless he's occupied with an otherworldly entity.
Batting - Hits singles and doubles pretty regularly, but runs kinda slow. Good at hitting the ball straight at the opposing pitcher, which he loves doing.
Special skills - Plays guitar when his team is up, country music and classic rock, mostly. Occasionally tells jokes to his teamates for comic relief.
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Post by Roddy Piper on Jun 22nd, 2007, 05:08am

Position- Short stop

Team- Peacemakers

Short stop traits- Roddy Piper has no problem with getting the ball where it needs to be. He can look over the situation and immediately get the ball there for the quick out. Because of his incredible upper body strength, Roddy has no problem throwing the ball as far as first base or home plate.

Batting traits- Roddy is what some might call a power house hitter. This is the type of hitter that most people fear. Although Roddy is left handed and the ball tends to stick to the right when he hits it, his RBI is exceptional. Roddy aspires to lead in home runs, but doesn't get his hopes up. His grounders are powerful and his pop flys are dangerous. Even though Roddy mostly bats left handed, he is able to bat right handed.

Special traits- Roddy is a lefty, but can be a switch hitter. He knows how to really get under people's skin with cheap, trash talk. Roddy can be very intimidating when he wants to be and he can sure as hell make the other team mad. See, he knows that if the other team is angry, they are more prone to make mistakes. Roddy usually carries some sort of alcoholic drink with him to the plate and points it in the direction that he intends to hit.

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Post by Clay Hallow on Jul 20th, 2007, 8:26pm

Clay Hallow

Position - Pitcher

Team - Peacemakers

Traits as a pitcher- Clay is strong so he can pitch a pretty good fast ball of about 90 mph. He has no endurance though so he can't maintain that speed for all his pitches.

Batting Traits - Clay can hit home runs but not consistantly. Nor can he always hit the ball. He usually tries for power hits. Clay has good reflexes but he lacks speed in getting to the bases.

Special skills - Is quite verbal with his opponents. He likes to insult the competing team members. He is pretty good to his own team though.
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Post by Larghetto Allemande on Jul 24th, 2007, 8:59pm

Larghetto Allemande

Position - First Base

Team - Peacemakers

First Base - Larghetto is athletic. If a ball isn't coming straight at him, he is extremely talented at reaching out a few feet for it without falling ober. His coordination is decent - not extraordinary, but it serves him well enough.
Batting - Well, he sure manages to get an awful lot of balls. Sometimes, it even seems that he somehow manages to step in the way in order to get hit square with the ball. He denies all accusations of cheating.
Otherwise, power hits are his source of success.

Other - Larghetto's enthusiasm for life and constant optimism helps him and his team members do well. Sometimes, he is distracted by small animals on the field or birds in the sky. This is his greatest weakness in the game.
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Post by Mirror and Peyton Lakes on May 30th, 2009, 10:48am

(I dont even know if this is active or if girls can join this team, so bear with me please!)
Mirror Lakes
team: Peacemakers
Traits as Catcher: She has quick reflexes and lots of patience, and can easily physch out the other team.
Batting Traits: She hits singles mostly, the occasional double if she's feeling extra happy.
Special Skills: She can easily calm down riled up teammates, and easily angry the other team with her teasing.