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Jan 21st, 2018, 10:34am

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xx My version of Nero's story.
« Thread started on: Feb 16th, 2008, 10:26pm »

A Force Unwilling


Even as the darkness spread, Fey looked up, wondering if the sky was really doing what it looked to be doing. Was God really giving up? Or was He just giving me a chance? she thought. But although the light faded from her eyes, she still looked on to the horizon, scanning all she could, searching for signs of life. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned quickly, flinging her hands out at shoulder height. She silently groped the shape of Nero's firm face.

"Are we going to be okay?" Fey had asked, worried.

Nero just turned and took her hand. His voice was grave and dark. "No...God has left us His will. It is to run." he replied.

But Fey was unswayed by his emotion. Forcefully, she grabbed his shoulder and turned him around, and then hugged him tightly. "It doesn't matter anymore," she said, "I don't care if He dislikes it! I love you, Nero the Demon! I do!"

Nero's eyes swelled a little as she said this, but he held his breath. "Fey...forget about Aegis and Theleio! They're dead. They can't help you when you fake it, like you are now!"

" words are true. They would say the same!" Fey argued.

The demon was struck by her remark. He closed his eyes and silently returned the hug. He knew she was being honest, but his stubborn demonic aura was getting the better of him. " sorry, Fey...I know Aegis and Theleio would be happy to know of us..."

Fey smiled. A silent tear made its way down her cheek and on to Nero's cloak. "I bet...they're watching over us...right now, right? Even though the clouds are dark?"

"Yes, Fey. They are watching over us." he comforted. Even though he was doubtful that He would allow it, he had hope in the two warriors in their death.

"We should move on, Fey." Nero suggested, releasing himself and taking her hand.

"No. We must stay! Who knows what kinds of creatures are out there?"

"If we stay...He will find us..."

Fey gripped his hand tighter. "No! Our faith in Him will remain forever, and that will bring us peace!"

In return, a tear fell from Nero's eye onto the cracked dirt ground. He clenched his free fist and muttered, "No. Why do you think he's left US behind?"

Fey let go of the demon's hand and swirled around. Crouching down, she huddled her head into her knees and sobbed uncontrollably. "Fey..." Nero cut in.

Suddenly, a large ray of light shot out and covered Fey in its splendor. She immediately woke herself from her sobbing trance and began to scream in terror. Nero swept his hand out to grab her, but the light burned his flesh, and he was forced to pull away. "Nero! He has me! Help me!" Fey pleaded.

Nero's tears were shed once more as he desperately tried to reach into the ray of light, but kept pulling back as the pain swept through his half-human body. As the light dissipated, and Fey with it, he began to yell, "Why? Why are you doing this to us? We have had faith in You for our entire lives!"

In reply, a large and commanding voice boomed across the darkened plains. It said, "My done, Nero lasts only so long..."

The light finally disappeared. Nero fell to the ground, sobbing.
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