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Jan 21st, 2018, 10:36am

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Uh, supreme scribe or something?
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xx A good time for digging
« Thread started on: Nov 12th, 2010, 4:33pm »

(Part 1)

It was around midnight in california. Zaph nestled his head in his pillows as the moon looked down on him from his window. Zaph's wrinkly face stirred as his beady eyes opened and he looked around the room quickly. His precious Leylue was asleep. Her hot body nestled underneat the covers. Must have given her a real work out Zaph thought.

"Heheheh" Zaph chuckled at his clever joke as he slowly got out of bed. Zaph quickly stretched his hands up into the air and shuffled slowly to the kitchen. Zaph opened one of the drawers and grabbed a handful of coffee beans and placed them on the counter. Zaph then reached in his back pocket and drew a hammer. Zaph felt very close to hammers. It was almost as if in a past life he was a carpenter. He banged the hammer onto the coffee beans. There was a loud bang as the coffee beans splintered into the right amount Zaph needed them to be. Zaph picked up the crushed up coffee beans and placed them into his coffee machine. Zaph didnt use coffee filters. Coffee filters were for pathetic people that cant take the grit of anything real or natural.

Zaph scurried to his sink and turned the faucet on. He cupped the water into his hands. Zaph felt cups were an unearth abomination unworthy to touch the water for his coffee. Zaph felt the adreniline creep up his spine. He was ready for this moment. He rushed to the coffee machine not a drop of water slipping through his hands. Zaph slowly poured the water into the coffee machine. Zaph was so caring when it came to this procedure. Not a moment was unplanned not a second could anything go wrong. Zaph sat on his table and awaited the coffee to finish brewing. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his walky talky. He slowly pressed the walky talky to the side of his head.

"Hey you at the club" Zaph whispered feeling his stomach churn. Zaph felt nervous as he heard the reply. A fearful smile formed on Zaph's face and he quickly ran to the coffee machine. Zaph needed his fix for this ordeal. Zaph poured himself his cup of coffee. His coffee mug of choice a soveneir from mexico. Not just any normal soveneir piece of garbage. This coffee cup was made from rocks from a volcano. Perfectly molded from the volcano that had killed so many in the town below. Everytime Zaph would take a sip of the coffee he could almost hear the screams of terror. Zaph could see for a split second the walls drip blood. This proved especially useful for waking up in the morning. Zaph took a sip and saw the horrors of the charred flesh of the poor fools below the mountain. Zaph quickly felt the energy rise from his stomach through his body. He walked siliently to kitchen window. Zaph placed the coffee cup on the window sill. Zaph would probubly need another taste later in the night. Zaph opened the window slowly. Zaph used his catlike reflexes to siliently pull himself up through the window. After successfully making it through the window. Zaph grabbed the coffee mug and with his other hand he closed the window. Zaph then sprinted off into the hills towards a nearby hill with lights in the distance.
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