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Mrs. Jones's Ghost
Post by Karrmy on Sep 10th, 2010, 6:24pm

After Karrmy's punishment was over she excused herself to go outside for fresh air. She quickly went to the Clauden Cemetery to try to find her mother's grave. She had only done that once before about three years ago. She hadn't found it. Now she was trying once again to find it.

When she reached the gate of the cemetery, she stopped to retrieve her breath. When it was back, she stepped inside the graveyard. Immediately, she felt a chill on her spine, but she stayed calm, assuring herself it was her imagination. She heard a voice, and so Karrmy turned around quickly.

A woman stood in front of her and she had been crying, obviously. She looked up, and motioned to Karrmy to come closer. Karrmy was uncertain. Then she finally agreed to come forward a little bit.

The voice came from the woman: "Child, tell me your first name."

Karrmy said in a nervous voice: "Uh, it's Karrmy. But who are-?" She was interrupted by loud tears.

The woman said: "Oh Karrmy, is it really you? Sweetie, I'll always love you, Bunchkins." And in a second, Karrmy knew that this was the ghost of her mother.

She was overcome with emotion, so she rushed forward to hug her. But she passed right through her.

Mrs. Jones sadly said: "It's impossible to touch a ghost. Their souls have already been taken."

Karrmy whispered: "So you knew who killed you? Who was it, Mom?"

Mrs. Jones said: "It was-" She disappeared in mid-sentence. She reappeared in a minute and said fiercely: "God will not let me tell you who killed me. I have to leave now. Always remember me."

She disappeared for good now, and Karrmy found it hard to believe that just a petty second ago, her mother was in her presence. A small present appeared in her hands and she curiously opened it. It was a mirror. She looked into it, and her mother's face appeared smiling.

She cried happily at the sky and quickly walked home. Mr. Jones opened the door to find Karrmy walking right in.

He gaped at her and said firmly: "Where in all of Clauden did you get that device?"

She quickly lied: "Oh, it's my friend's mirror. She asked me to look after it and not let it crack while she's gone doing something. I'm going to take a small nap with my door shut. Bye!"

She ran upstairs and slammed her door. A moment later, Mr. Jones heard it lock.
Mrs. Jones's Ghost AGAIN
Post by Karrmy on Nov 11th, 2010, 02:39am

After ditching Tank, which Karrmy truly felt bad for doing, she entered the cemetery.

Karrmy took out her magical mirror, and whispered into it: "Mother? I am here to try to find out who killed you. You can't help me, but you can keep me company, right Mother?"

Mrs. Jones's ghost flew out of the mirror and stood in front of Karrmy, which made Karrmy get goosebumps.

She said in a raspy whisper: "Of course honey. I only wish you had found me three years ago, when you first tried to find my grave.

My ghost is getting old, and soon I might be confined to only the grave. That mirror I gave you is magic, though I suppose you had already knew?"

Karrmy nodded and rubbed the mirror affectionately.

Mrs. Jones continued: "That boyfriend of your's, Johnny is his name, I remember. Five years is a long time for a ghost, but I do remember this. Johnny is someone you must be careful with.

He has a violent temper, though I never saw it myself. Rick often would complain about you being Johnny's friend. Tell me Karrmy. Truthfully, how is your father doing?"

Karrmy replied sadly: "He won't let me see Tank, err, Johnny. He is a miserable man. He has gotten a new house and we moved into it less then five months ago. The misery had just gotten too much for him. Now he works as a farmer. A very poor farmer.

I try to help him, but he grunts and ignores me. He cannot afford to pay for my work, so he often leaves to work elsewhere when I interfere. He is a wreck. Everything in Clauden reminds him of you. The Belle Tavern-"

Mrs. Jones looked up longingly and cried out: "That is where we met, dear daughter. I was but a waitress, and he was merely a business man.

He didn't live in Clauden, he was just visiting to have a vacation. I lived in the inn upstairs. I paid my rent by working as a waitress. When I served him, he fell in love.

Though it took me a little longer, I also fell in love with him as well. We were married in the courtyard of the Church. Mr. Henchaw married us together. Bunchkins, I don't want you telling your father about me, do you understand? I will allow you to begin your research now, darling Karrmy."

Karrmy nodded and blew a kiss to Mrs. Jones as she entered the mirror once again.