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Post by Wade on Sep 16th, 2008, 04:04am

Wade walked into the cavern, once again quickly making his way through despite the quickly vanishing light. He continued to carry the egg in one arm, now however he had his sleeves rolled up, showing his oddly colored suit and harlequin’s kiss off.

“Karry, I know you can hear me. Cut the theatric sneaky about and come out. You’re really quite scary…Karry.”

Wade said as he continued throughout the cavern, hoping he wouldn’t wet himself at her arrival.

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Post by Hellister Scowley on Sep 19th, 2008, 9:25pm

Hellister, with Delia in hand, rushed to the entrance of the cavern.

He was about to rush into the entrance when a feeling of malaise ran up his spine.

(Here is your new vocab word. malaise-: a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being )

Hellister looked at Delia with fearful eye. "I feel something very evli about this cave. Please, I feel so weak all of a sudden. Can you go in by yourself and try to make a bargain with Wade to get the crystaled egg back. It is your dependent he has too you know."
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Post by Karry on Sep 19th, 2008, 9:34pm

Towards the very back of the cave there was a small chamber with a rock placed in front of the entrance. The entrance tunnel was so small that no grown man could squeeze through it.

Inside this chamber Karry rested on a pile of dead bodies, the remains of fishermen, miners, cowboys, etce. The chamber, much larger than its entance tunnel, was so littered with human remains that Karry was elevated several feet off the ground where she lay.

Her skin was absoultely putrid from living in this mass of decomposing flesh.

Karry awoke when she heard Wade's voice. She had become fatter from her feeding and when she squeezed throught he tunnel her skin shredded.

She pushed the rock out of the way and a puff of methane gas, putrid of death, escaped.

She crawled up the wall like a fat spider and scurried up the ceiling until she found a man.

She dropped down behind Wade and softly whispered in his ear, "Hi there lover. Are you here with a hot meal?"
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Post by Delia Mahony on Sep 19th, 2008, 11:48pm

Delia felt as if her right arm had been pulled from its socket, it hung limply at her side after having been pulled at a vampiric speed from the mines.

"I'm not very fond of you or that cherub, Hellister, I wonder dearly when you'll grasp that."

She glanced up at him from beneath the hair that had plastered itself to her skin, glued by blood. She noticed his suddenly fearful disposition and stepped back from the dark cave.

"I don't particularly enjoy what you've brought me into and I haven't a single thought as to what all this is really about. I'm not going to attempt to ask you to explain again, because I keep getting nothing from you."

Delia peered into the cave, her vision could make little out of the inside other than outlines of what she hoped were only rocks. She glared at Hellister as she moved forward and into the dark.

"You best be following soon."

As she stepped further into the cavern a putrid and vile smell hit her brutally. She stumbled back and began to gag and cough, after adjusting to the smell she continued forward. The dark playing with her as rocks morphed into strange objects and bright spots clouded her vision.

"Wade..?" she called out foolishly, her fear of the dark surfacing in her voice.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Sep 22nd, 2008, 9:29pm

"Good dear, you're doing good," Hellister said from the entrance of the cave giving Delia what support he could.

"Just a little further now. Really nothing to it."
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Post by Karry on Sep 22nd, 2008, 9:38pm

Karry heard the voice of Delia and jumped from Wade's neck back to the ceiling.

"There is company looking for you, "She spoke in a harsh unpleasant whisper.

"Why have you brought these people into my resting spot? If you think you can hunt Karry in her home you are as foolish as a puppy who pokes his nose into a rattlesnake's tunnel."

Karry dashed across the ceiling. If one would have illuminated the cavern completely they would have noticed that the ceiling was oddly decorated.

Karry had lined the entire ceiling with wooden harpoon stakes that she had painstakngly forced into the rock crags.
Some of her other victims were impaled on these harpoons and hung above Wade's head 25 feet above.

"I found a new game," She hissed from above. "I call it toss the baby high. If it comes down, I toss it again until it sticks."
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Post by Wade on Sep 25th, 2008, 12:17am

Wade placed his off hand on his flip belt and seemed to have no other reaction than that until he finally started speaking.

“Yeah, and I have a game called come near me and I’ll beat you into next Tuesday you walking freak show. I’m here to finish the deal we made. You know…a few topics ago.” Although his tone would lead you to believe he was completely serious, the reference about a “topic” would leave you rather confused.

He held up the egg, “Toss the stupid baby, I don’t care. But it will get you Hellister.”

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Post by Karry on Sep 26th, 2008, 9:22pm

Karry dropped back down. She saw the orb Wade held up and could sense Hellister's presence inside of it.

A long soft hiss ran out of Karry's throat.

"Very, very good. You met your end of the bargain. I will repay you with even more than initailly bargained. Stay and I will provide you with entertainment."

Karry sniffed the air.

"There is another with warm blood in this cavern.," Karry sniffed again.

"It is a female. Smells appetizing. Would you like like to share a portion of my dinner with me? I'm only interested in that syrup running in her veins. It would be a shame to waste the meat."

Karry reached out for the crystal.
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Post by Wade on Sep 27th, 2008, 02:31am

Wade handed the egg to his vampiric dealer, “No thanks. I’m trying to watch my girlish figure and the whole flesh of the living thing isn’t an approved food group. That’s probably Hellister you’re picking up anyways. Well, I should be able to get to you what it is you need to look after in a few days. Take it easy till then see ya.”

Wade says optimistically and then takes off at a leisurely stroll on his way out of the cave as if it was any other purchase of trade.

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Post by Delia Mahony on Oct 9th, 2008, 7:26pm

Delia felt as if she were further into the cave than she actually was. Shadows shifted into a tall---er figure. It was moments before she decided it was Wade.

"Hey, you," she blurted, "Hellister would like his orb back, and it'd be super fabulous if you were to give it to him in one piece."
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Post by Karry on Oct 9th, 2008, 9:49pm

Karry took the crystal in her hands, her face showed obvious pleasure.

She could hear Delia getting closer though still at the mouth of the cave.

Karry would wait, there was no hurry. She would capture this girl and then wait till Hellister went in after her.
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Post by Wade on Oct 11th, 2008, 9:28pm

Wade didn't stop walking once he heard Delia, he did however slow down. He lifted his hands up and gave a small shrug and wry grin, "That thing? I tripped and dropped it and it really didn't seem like that much fun taking it anymore. I mean, sure, it was fun at first but the magic is gone now, I can't even see him emotionally distressed about this."

Wade then stopped and switched from his carefree tone to a much more harsh one. "Oh yeah, and there was that time he ruined my show, and that other time he left me waiting in the desert for I can't even remember how long. Do you really think I care about what he wants? He can get the thing himself."

Wade continued walking, taking a deep breath, hoping to calm down.
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Post by Delia Mahony on Oct 11th, 2008, 9:43pm

Delia rotated slowly as Wade passed her.

"Uhg." she mumbled as he walked further towards teh entrance. "But dropped it where? I need to know because it seems I'm the one who needs to find it." she caught up with him having to walk faster than normal due to her height VS his.
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Post by Wade on Oct 11th, 2008, 9:51pm

Wade stopped when he realized this was going to be more difficult than he originally thought.

"Do you honestly care? From what I gathered the only thing you've been doing is complaining about not wanting to do this. Just walk away. Cause right now I really need Hellister to go looking for that thing."

He turned to face Delia, it would be hard to tell due to the lighting, but he was giving a piercing stare.
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Post by Delia Mahony on Oct 11th, 2008, 9:59pm

Delia glared back, she wasn't fond of how he was speaking to her.

"I do things when people ask me to. I may complain about it, but only to let them know I'm not doing out of want or need. In this case, I don't want Hellister thinking I will be keeping his little thing after this is over. Why are you doing this?" she asked directly.
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Post by Wade on Oct 11th, 2008, 10:05pm

"Because there are some people I love, and would do anything for. That includes this. And don't worry, you won't have to worry about Hellister, all he needs to do, is go looking for the stupid egg, and we can forget all about him, like a bad dream. Otherwise, well, I'm willing to do a lot more than steal an egg for this person."

Wade takes a step closer, keeping his eyes fixed, arms at his side.
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Post by Delia Mahony on Oct 11th, 2008, 10:31pm

Delia stepped back twice, evening out his step towards her.

"I'd need better reasoning than that to break my word. Loved ones are not a thing I can completely relate to sympathetically any longer."
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Post by Wade on Oct 11th, 2008, 10:38pm

Wade took a deep breath, "Well, that sucks. Too bad I have no reason to help you. Have fun getting all dehydrated Fangs McBrutal style. I'm leaving."

He turned, and continued walking, not wanting to stay around for whatever it was Karry was planning on doing.
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Post by Delia Mahony on Oct 12th, 2008, 01:16am

Delia shook her head, "Must everyone speak in riddles? Be so devilishly cryptic and ridiculously secretive. It is truly bothersome."

She peered over her shoulder into the cave and said, "Copper pennies to you." before turning back.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Oct 15th, 2008, 8:58pm

Hellister was getting quite nervous waiting for Delia. He took out his watch several times to look at how much time had passed since he last heard her make a sound. At one point he thought he heard talking.

Then, for sure he heard footsteps. There was somebody coming out of the cave. It must be Wade he thougt as the strides sounded heavy.

Hellister shouted, "Wade? Have you got my egg? I am willing to make any bargain you wish. You don't know how valuable it is. And what has become of Delia? Did you murder her?"
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Post by Wade on Oct 16th, 2008, 12:03am

Wade didn't stop he did however slow down and look in the direction he heard Hellister in. "You tricked me Hellister, that egg didn't have candy in it at all. Keep your stupid egg. It's in the cave, get it yourself."

And with that Wade picked his pace back up again and headed away in hopes to put this all behind him.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Oct 16th, 2008, 9:21pm

Hellister was enraged, I mean sure he interupted Wade's Science show once, but wasn't it only because he was interested? Oh. and left him waiting in the desert for several weeks, but hey, A guy couldn't remember everything, Wade's treatment just seemed so unfair.

Hellister grabbed Wade's shoulder.

"You stole from me. You lied to me. You were supposed to be an assistant in the ceremony of hate. Instead you only assisted in bringing about my downfall."
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Post by Wade on Oct 16th, 2008, 10:44pm

Wade, with as much speed as he could muster, grabbed the hand that was now on his shoulder, making sure Hellister would not let go of him. With his other hand, he grabbed hold of his flip belt. And in the same movement, he stomped on the ground.

With his flip belt activated, the immediate area became null of gravity, when he stomped on the ground, he propelled himself (and anybody that might be grabbing onto him) upwards with an equal amount of force.

"That's right, your downfall. And if you don't act fast, it will be the downfall of not only that bastard child, but that of the winch who helped you make it. Make your choice Hellister, an attempt at revenge, or saving two lives. It's time to chose if your life is worth a damn."

He spoke with a new found malice, quickly going higher and higher into the sky.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Oct 19th, 2008, 09:37am

Hellister was taken quite by surprise. Why he didn't take into account that Wade would have a counter measure for a forceful detainment is anybody's guess.

It is true that being a vampire would save Hellister from a fall of several hundred feet, however, even the heavy cloak that Hellister was wearing wouldn't protect him from the increasing levels of UV radiation that he was experiencing as he gained elevation

"Stop Wade, STOP! I will quite literally turn into a pile of dust if you take me too high up! Please no higher! What is it, what plan must I submit too?"
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Post by Wade on Oct 22nd, 2008, 4:19pm

Wade, who was now quite comfortable with traveling in null gravity, altered his position near effortlessly. He was now wrapped around Hellister's leg, hoping to make it impossible to bend, with Wade's head nearer to Hellisters feet. With them pointing in opposite directions now, Wade altered his flip belt once more.

The gravity returned around them, this time much stronger, allowing them to accelerate to speeds near 320 km/h in seconds. Wade began to tip upwards, hoping to use Hellister as a cushion if he would not get away from Wade.

"Just, go save Delia," he had to shout at this point, the wind rushing by nearly drowning him out.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Oct 27th, 2008, 9:14pm

Hellister felt himself descending rapidly as the belt was reversed. The ground was rushing up at him. The fall was going to hurt quite badly. The alternative, being burned alived from the sun would be much worse.

"Yes SAVE DELIA!, " He screamed.

Could whatever was in the cave hurt him worse?
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Post by Karry on Oct 29th, 2008, 9:21pm

"tip tap, tip tap," That was the sound Delia's feet made as she walked into the dry echoing cave. It was music to Karry's ears. She gritted her dirty inkept nails against a rock as if that would make them sharper.

Karry walked so gently it was as if she floated to the near entrance of the cave where it was still shielded from the sun. When Delia's foot crossed over into the shadows Karry slunked in behind her.

She put her hand into Delia's hair and then whispered into her ear.

"Hello darling." Karry whispered to Delia ever so soflty. "I've been waiting for you."
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Nov 20th, 2008, 8:33pm

Carlos was in great shape and was not winded at all in the hike to the cave. He had so many children that he had to be on his feet most of his life even when he wasn't providing for them.

A decaying scent came from the cave.

"So this izz it. Are you prepared to go inside Treize? We will clean out the monsters and maybe take them dead even though Eva said notheeeng about killing anything."
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Post by Romanas_Household on Nov 21st, 2008, 6:34pm

"Kill? sounds easy" Treize said calmly looking into the darkness of the cave. Treize pulled out his gun and aimed at the darkness of the cave. He smirked and put the gun away. What's the worst that could happen. Afterall he was sure the only monster's were darkness and the crawling of mouses.
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Post by Karry on Nov 21st, 2008, 8:13pm

"Well youn one, I'm sure somebody will be coming to try and assist you soon. I guess we better set the table before the guests interupt our dinner," Karry said to Delia taking her to the back of the cavern,

Karry sat Delia down at a table that had one lit candle on it. The candle was pathetic against the darkness of the cave. Karry sat down adjacent to Delia and smiled.

"I am sorry. I have nothing for you to eat." Karry took Delia's hand and held it. Then she put it to her mouth and ate the flesh off Delia's indes and middle finger leaving just the bone.

"Just go to your happy spot," Karry said as she nibbled.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Nov 21st, 2008, 8:17pm

Hellister heard some noise behind him. Thinking he had time to spare he turned around to see who was following him into the caver. He thought he might be being targeted from front and back.

Instead he found two people he had never seen before. Carlos and Trieze.

Hellister could see in the dark with his vampire abilities.

He glided over to these two not sure if they were a part of Karry's trap.

"Who are you?" He spoke from the shadows.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Nov 24th, 2008, 8:14pm

Carlos took out his knifeat the approach.

"Monster, we are the ones who weeel Keel you if you don't come with us to our prison," Carlos replied.

"The Rooster has heard the rumors about the monster that lives in this cave and eats the citizens of Clauden. Now I see you for myself," Carlos said lighting a match and casting its illumination on Hellister's pale skin.

"Ahhh," Carlos said. "So you are one of the Undead. It will slice off your head if you do not come peacefully with us."
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Post by Romanas_Household on Nov 25th, 2008, 6:11pm

Treize rolled his eyes at Carlos. He was some overconfident fool that would probubly get them killed. Treize was almost reminded of his brother. Except instead of chasing criminals his brother chased women.

"Yeah hand up right now" Treize said drawing the gun from his pocket. Treize wouldnt be afraid to blow his brains out. It would be quick isolated and how hard would it be to hide a corpse in a cave.
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Post by Delia Mahony on Nov 25th, 2008, 8:03pm

Delia's pain induced shrieks echoed through the cavern as her fingers were gnawed upon and quickly skinned of flesh. She couldn't pull her hand away as her arm had been pulled from its socket by Hellister earlier. It remained limp in Karry's clutch as Delia wiggled out of her chair and onto the cavern floor.
She was too afraid to wrench her arm from the hybrids grip with her body force in fear of loosing the entire limb in one burning tear. She cringed as the muscles in her hand twitched as they were ripped from their proper place.
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Post by Romanas_Household on Nov 26th, 2008, 3:54pm

The hair on Treizes neck stood up. As he heard the screams from the cave. Treize however would not allow this to break his nerves.

" YOU STAY PUT!!!!" Treize shouted at Hellister. In case he decided to panic and flee. Treize kept his gun aimed at Hellister. He raised the gun upwards for a well aimed head shot. A simple execution incase he was really that stupid.

"Carlos I'll watch this guy you head down there and save that girl" Treize said taking in a deep breath. He was attempting to calm down. This was not a situation he was used to. He was used to control. After all he was normally the criminal.
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Post by Karry on Dec 1st, 2008, 8:17pm

Karry finished two of Delia's fingers and then spoke again.

"Don't worry child. I will not eat you all in one sitting. Once your friend Hellister gets here then I will commence with the full course. It is much more fun to have company at dinner."

Karry let Delia's hand fall to the table.

"Your flesh is so supple. Like that of a young calf."
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Dec 1st, 2008, 8:29pm

Hellister went from surprised to find somebody else in the caverns to just plain angry at being detained when he had a life to save.

"Fools, the two of you are fools. You have no idea, No idea of the evil you are letting happen as you hold me."

Hellister watched Carlos leave down the passage.

He sneered at Treize. Then, he took one great bound and jumped straight over Treize and into the shadows.

"Follow the screams," he yelled back at Treize, "If you really want evil."
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Dec 1st, 2008, 8:59pm

Carlos stumbled over stones and rocks cussing as he made his way through the darkness. In the midst of the inky blackness he saw the flicker of a candle and a woman sitting at a table with another woman.

Carlos emerged from the shadows. His face turned into a frown when he witnessed what appeared to be an act of torture and a girl who was obviously being traumatized by another.

"I am Carlo Delgado "The Rooster." Release the girl and prepare yourself to die witch."
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Post by Karry on Dec 3rd, 2008, 8:28pm

Karry giggled at Carlos' threat. She grabbed Delia by the back of the neck.

"Well I guess I have to let you go you sweet little child."

She forced Delia to look at her face.

"It is time to play toss the baby."

With that Karry used her incredible strength and propelled Delia up like she weighed no more than a ball.

Delia trajectory would send her right into the harpoon spears on the roof unless something could interven.

But who would have such speed to stop a girl in flight?
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Post by Romanas_Household on Dec 4th, 2008, 6:51pm

Treize spit on the ground. That bastard who run away was probubly some spoiled peasant. Occassionally the nobles in France trained their children to run. Of course they would get shot. This would be no exception to that that simple rule. Treize raised his gun remembering a similar incident in France.

He recalled a man racing out of a building trying to escape with some dignity. Treize pursued him by walking through the door he had just escaped through. His eyes attempted to focus on the dark alley. If he waited it would be two too late. If he fired his rounds and missed his head. The kill would be too messy. So Treize raised his gun and fired three rounds into the darkness. Two of the rounds missed. The other hit the man in the leg. The man screamed and yelled for help. So Treize raced forward and raised his leg only to stop on the mans head. He looked away in disgust. Instead he just kept stepping on the mans head. Until he heard a crunch. His foot sunk down on the mans head.

This was no different then this situation. Treize raised his gun listening to sounds of running. Treize aimed the gun waited. He then fired as accurate as possible to stop his target. The bullets were on a direct course for Hellisters chest. Hopefully the luck that his family carried with them wasnt gone yet.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Dec 6th, 2008, 05:15am

The bullet passed through Hellister's heart. Meanwhile, things had "like" started to move in slow motion.

Delis traveled through the air in seconds but everything seemed to be traveling in slow motion in Hellister's eyes.

Delia was 20 feet away from being shiskababed, then 10 feet away from being impaled. Now she was like 5.34 feet from being impaled.

Even more closer then now, she was "like" 4.978 feet from having a spear in her heart.

So the bullet passed right through Hellister's heart blowing a nasty wound through his shirt.

(Hey Trieze, what kind of bullets are you using? Just regular ones I hope because Hellister is a vampire and he could survive that and maybe save Delia. )
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Post by Romanas_Household on Dec 8th, 2008, 6:11pm

(Yeah their just normal bullets)

Treize smiled as he his eyes adjusted the darkness. He saw the wound that formed from his bullets. In a sense of accomplishment he put his gun back down to his side.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Dec 15th, 2008, 8:40pm

Hellister reacted quickly as he watched Delia approach the spikes in what seemed like slow motion. He leaped without hesitating, which is good because if he would have hesitated the outcome wouldn't be the same.

What did you ask Delia?, what would the outcome have been? Well Delia would have been stabbed clear through. I doubt you would have wanted that since Delia is your character right Delia?

So anyway, Hellister jumperd in between where Delia was headed and Delia. He took the absorbed the force of Delia's flying body and it pushed him into the spikes. Hellister got impaled instead. Luckily, the spike went through the side of his chest where his heart was not. So you see now he was stuck, the only way to break free, to tear his chest apart trying to pass over the harpoon point.

Delia went flying back in the other direction towards the earth again.

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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Dec 15th, 2008, 9:09pm

Carlos caught Delia before she plummeted to the ground.

"You are safe now senorita, the rooster will protect you from this evil."

Carlos yelled intot the blackness, "Trieze where are you? We have a fight."
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Post by Romanas_Household on Dec 16th, 2008, 5:58pm

He heard the sound of flesh being stabbed into along with something falling to the ground. That's when he heard Carlos calling for him. Treize ignored Carlos calls. Perhaps his enemy diddnt know where he was at. Treize reloaded his revolver. Then pointed his gun in the direction of the sound of the flesh being stabbed into. Sure enough their was his shadowy figure. Treize breathed in deeply and tried to relax in this situation.
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Post by Delia Mahony on Dec 17th, 2008, 12:17am

After recovering from being thrown viciously into the air at a harpoon spear then haphazardly pushed aside and roughly caught she was then informed that this Rooster man was planning to take on a flesh eating spider. At this she laughed as she cradled her torn arm in her other hand.

She heard the squelsh of Hellister being speared and cringed.

"I thank you for your help, but no one is getting out of here alive without the man on the ceiling."

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Post by Hellister Scowley on Dec 18th, 2008, 8:18pm

Hellister was hardly recovered from the gunshot wound when the steak penetrated him.

"Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" The pain was great for Hellister as he worked to pull his body off of the harpoon spike. He was using his vampire strength but it the turned back fish hook point was taking most of his chest with it as he tried to free himself.

Hellister screamed in pain from the ceiling.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Dec 18th, 2008, 8:23pm

This psychotic scene was a bit much even for Carlos. He still held Delia tightly waiting to show off his machismo. Yet, there was something so grotesque about this stringy little woman who with the matted black hair and the long sharp nails that put him at ill ease and gave him a general feeling of malaise.

"Shush," Carlos said to Delis trying to bring back his confidence, "I am the Rooster senorita! The savoir of Mexico!"

Carlos looked back again into the darkness,

"Treize, You come no? I must kill this diablo and you must care for this woooman who is hurt."
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Post by Karry on Dec 18th, 2008, 8:28pm

Karry pretended to make crying sounds, as if she was somehow a victim. She dropped to her knees and put her head in her hands. She could look frightening and frail at the same time. Now she just appeared frail.

Karry had learned to turn her vampirism inward making her human self appear when it was beneficial to her. She did this now, hoping to capture the pity of this new man in her cave. Then, as he came near, she would shred his throat and shower in his blood. She loved the smell of blood and loved to feel its sticky trickles in her hair.
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Post by Romanas_Household on Dec 23rd, 2008, 7:38pm

Treize heard the crying and quickly realized this was who Carlos was talking about. Treize put his gun to his side and slowly approached Karry.

"What happened" Treize asked nervously. He wasnt used to these situations. He reached his hand out to pull Karry up. In case Karry couldnt get up.
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Post by Karry on Dec 24th, 2008, 02:34am

Karry giggled when she saw Trieze's hand extend so close to her. She giggled, then lunged. She buried her canines right up to her gums in Trieze's thigh. She was taking a bite out of him as if he were a sandwich.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Dec 24th, 2008, 02:39am

From Hellister's postition, impaled high above everyone's head, he began to chant. The chant became so loud the it reverberated all over the cave until it drowned out even the gasps from below.

Hellister was going to put an end to his sister with some of the nastiest magic he could conjure. The clowns on the ground were getting themselves in deeper by the moment.

Hellister would bring the cherub from its orb one way or another.
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Post by Karry on Jan 1st, 2009, 8:29pm

(Post Treize)
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Post by Romanas_Household on Jan 2nd, 2009, 12:09pm

Treize screamed in terror as he felt his leg being bitten. His eyes glanced down at this monster biting into his skin. Treize grabbed onto the Karry's face. Attempting to seperate her from his thigh. He pushed on her face hoping somehow she would let up her grip. Hoping that somehow he could break free from her grasp.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Jan 5th, 2009, 8:48pm

Hellister started a chant and out from the rubble his precious egg floated above everyone's head and into Hellister's hands.

"Hah, Hellister laughed from his high position. You should have not brought me so close to this being. It has a life of its own and now you Karry shall see that this relative of mine will destroy you, although we are related as well."

Hellister dropped the egg down to the cave bottom where the shell shattered upon the rocks.
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Post by Dellister on Jan 5th, 2009, 9:45pm

Dellister, the cherub, was completely naked as it emerged from its shattered egg. It looked much like a human baby, with the features of Delia and Hellister, save for the fact it had wings.

Dellister smiled when it saw Delia. Then it scowled when it saw Delia's severed hand. It heard Trieze screaming and then saw the vampire biting into his Trieze's leg.

Dellister flew up to Karry's face and flashed a cheeky baby smile. Then the baby opened its mouth and a flame hot enough to weld steel emerged from its mouth and over Karry's face. His little hands vice gripped onto Karry's shoulders with a Herculean might so that he she could not pull away as the flames consumed her.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jan 8th, 2009, 7:55pm

Carlos came to Trieze's aid pulling him away from the jaws of the vampire before all this other stuff happened.

"You've been bitten by that monster!," Carlos said. "Let us pray to our maker that you will not become ill," Carlos said helping Trieze to his feet.

"The Rooster thinks that this might be out of our control. We are outnumbered three to two. The Rooster says we should leave this cave and tell the other vigilantes what we saw, no?"
Re: Entombed
Post by Romanas_Household on Jan 9th, 2009, 7:54pm

Treize's eyes were still stuck on his bleeding thigh. Would he die form this. He cant die yet not yet. So Treize made the best decision he could think of. He ignored Carlos and limped as fast as he could towards the entrance. Ignoring the combat between the others. Hopefully he would reach the safety of the nearby town.
Re: Entombed
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jan 14th, 2009, 12:08am

Carlos had wanted to stay and try and kill the lot of them with the exception of the young woman who was missing her hand. But he had a duty to his gang mate.

Carlos came up behind Treize and hoisted up his bad side so he could walk more or less regular.

"The Rooster doesn't think your wound will poison. Not if you get to the doctor fast enough."

Carlos decided he would assist Treize to the hospital.
Re: Entombed
Post by Karry on Jan 14th, 2009, 12:15am

The skin of Karry's face oozed onto the cavern floor as the blow torch flame contiued to consume both skin and bone.

The flame consumed so quickly and was so hot that the vampire had little to no time to react to the little satanic demon, or to use her vampire strength to do some damage to this creature.

Karry's head evaporated just as sure as boiling water evaportates.

Finally, there was nothing left and the little creature's flames singed the cave wall having no other obstacle to hit.

Not even a vampire can live without its head and Karry's body went limp.
Re: Entombed
Post by Dellister on Jan 14th, 2009, 12:19am

Dellister gave a little wink when he felt Karry's body go limp. He made some little baby talk and then giggled.

Next, the cherub flew up to where Hellister still remained impaled on the ceiling of the cave and opened his little mouth sending a blowtorch flame out to consume the harpoon tip of the stake.

The point would be disinigrated immediately and Hellister would be free.
Re: Entombed
Post by Hellister Scowley on Jan 14th, 2009, 12:23am

Hellister fell hard from his position. The cavern floor came rushing up and it snapped his back when he fell causing him to graon.

The pain was immense but his vampire curse began healing all of his bodily damage almost immediately.

After about ten minutes or so, Hellister rose up and walked over to where Delia leaned without her hand.

"All has went better than expected. The cherub has returned to us and you did not have to sacrifice your life."

Hellister smiled at Delia.

"What do you say we go get a drink at the tavern. Then maybe do something about that stump of yours.":
Re: Entombed
Post by Karry on Aug 27th, 2009, 12:35am

Karry's decomposed headless body rose up from its resting place on the cavern floor.

Where her esophagus opened for all the world to look into from her headless neck, an eyeball popped out.

Karry walked to a rock and rubbed her jutting out neck vetebra on a piece of rock until it was sharp like one big tooth.

She then left the cave walking on all fours so she could see with her eye that looked out of the esophageal opening.