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Answers in an unconventional means (*Open*)
Post by Sicilia Perrine on Aug 22nd, 2008, 7:50pm

Sicilia sat in the house as far back as possible staring intently at the theatre's stage. She thought about everything that Eliot had said to her. It made sense, but she still felt like there was more to it. "Why did he yank my hair out like that?" she muttered to herself. Her hand snaked up and gently touched her hair. "I just have this bad feeling that it's being used for the occult," she added with a heavy sigh.

She closed her eyes as she thought on the Science event that had happened here December of last year. "Who was that? Maybe he could help. Dr. something wasn't it? He was a doctor right?" she asked the empty auditorium.
Re: Answers in an unconventional means (*Open*)
Post by Linato on Aug 23rd, 2008, 6:18pm

(Aegis was unsure of what the person was speaking of to herself, but he could make out words like "occult" and "doctor. He emerged from the doors at the upper end of the walkway, making himself known by purposely hitting the wall with the door.

He introduced himself.)

"Er...hello, lone girl, my name is Aegis. If you would..."

(He felt concern for the girl, as he was always bound to.)

"...tell me if anything is wrong? I'm not here to hurt you."

(He slowly began to step toward her; the doors, being near the upper parts, could have been clearly heard; but yet, he felt he needed to be cautious.)

"I just...overheard you talking, and wanted, I guess."
Re: Answers in an unconventional means (*Open*)
Post by Linato on Aug 25th, 2008, 9:10pm

(Aegis stood for a second and turned away, frightful of how she would react. Instantly, he said,)

"No, no, forget it. I'd rather not get looks like your problem is far too complex for me. Good-bye."

(Without a second glance, he walked from the theater and closed the door behind him.)