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xx Making of Armond Sword
« Thread started on: Nov 17th, 2006, 10:19pm »

Armond entered the Mines with a pickAxe on his back and a smiths hammer. He saw inside the mine was a forge and anvil used to make metal bars for the town. Armond had a different use for these tools. He slung the pickaxe from his back to his hands and started mining ore. After about three hours of mining he had enough or to make what he needed. He smelted the ore into the fire into a long rod. He took the red hot rod and put it on the anvil. He took the smith hammer in the other hand and started smashing it. Soon the end of the rod turned flat. After about a day of non stop beating on the rod it finally looked like a sword at least the blade part did. The handle just was part of the rod Armond had not beat with the hammer. Armond took another rod and warpped it around the handle rod. he started beating it into what a sword handel looks like. After about a couple of hours it was completely finished except one thing. Armond heated the middle of the blade and engraved the words "For you Love" After that was done he swung the blade around it was light as a feather and stronger then steel and could cut through armor like butter. He strapped a sheath to his back and slid the sword in. The swords handel rested on Armonds right sholdure. He walked out of the mines ridden with black smudge and sweat. He headed to his room to take a bath and get some clean clothes on.
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