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The Strip mines
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Apr 20th, 2010, 6:06pm

Carlos walked to the strip mining operatoin. He had to stop several times to make sure tha Eva could stay with the group due to her injuries.

Even from the distance of where he stood he could hear the mighty roar from the water cannon as it tore down the side of a mountain, extracting precious metals.

Carlos looked up the nearby steeper mountain side. He was looking for the pipline that snaked up the side of the mountain and provided the source of power to the water cannon. The miners had diverted most of Jones River so that it was fed into pipes far above where they stood now. The pipes, as they descended, grew thinner and thinner to build up the pressure to an enormous degree. Once the water reached the cannon it exploded out with a force of 5000 pounds.

"Eva, senorita, you must go up to the miner operating the cannon and seduce. Say something about his pipe or something. Draw him away, find out where the corporate boss is."
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Post by maddog the miner on Apr 20th, 2010, 6:15pm

Maddog manned the water cannon that was supported by a large tripod-type aparatus. The cannon could be rotated but required a few people to move it.

He could hear nothing while operating the machine save the sound of water being forced out at a high rate of speed.
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Post by Eva Thomas on Apr 27th, 2010, 8:10pm

Eva had to withhold a chuckle. She was a mess. She probably looked horrible, and now she was slightly drunk. Still, she would do what she could. Eva hobbled over to where the miner was. She had never worried about it before, but this was the first time she had ever seen anyone working at the mine.
"Hey there, cowboy," she shouted over the noise of the cannon. Eva knew that most men assumed women to be stupid. "What exactly are you working on here?"
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Post by Rodrigo Castillo on May 12th, 2010, 12:13pm

Rodrigo had been in the jail for far too long, keeping himself busy dusting the cobwebs or who knows what. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that the jail had practically no use these days, and there was no sheriff's office to be found. Rodrigo overheard from some gamblers at the tavern of some shenanigans at the mine and decided to check it out. He was somehow unsurprised to run into Carlos again.
"Well, hi there."
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Post by maddog the miner on May 12th, 2010, 4:23pm

Maddog could faintly hear the Eva call to him. He turned at the noise and was surprised to see a woman standing there.

"SHUT HER DOWN!" Maddog yelled out to a worker manning the shut off valve.

THe man at the pipline twisted the round valve wheel until the water came to a complete stop.

Maddog looked shocked to see the woman. His beard wagged back and forth in the wind.

"What are you doing here mam!? This is a dangerous place to take a stroll through. You know how powerful this hose is." Maddog laughed, "and I ain't even talking about what I am holding."

Some of the other miners began laughing too.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on May 12th, 2010, 4:31pm

Carlos saw Rodrigo approaching. He doubted anything good would come from this, considering he was about to hijack the mining operation and likely end up killing whoever protested.

"Oh umm hi Senor," Carlos said. Carlos ran a short distance to where Travis was watching. He whispered quickly in the boy's ear.

"Travis, try and distract Rodrigo. This gringo does not deserve to die. Get him out if away from her if you can."
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Post by Travis Hallow on May 12th, 2010, 4:36pm

Travis walked up to Rogrigo. Travis for had a somewhat bright idea.

"Boy am I glad to see ya here sheriff. My ma said a bandit came the other night and threatened to violate her goodness. She said he forced her to give him 50 dollars or else he would. This guy said he is coming back again and that she better have another 50 tonight or he would."

Travis looked at Rodrigo with puppy dog eyes. "Could you please help my ma and stay with her. Please?!"
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Post by Eva Thomas on May 14th, 2010, 4:37pm

Eva smiled sweetly but clenched her fists behind her back. Stupid innuendos.
"Oh my, so you are mining, aren't you?" she said with a feigned sudden realization. "For what? Gold, I reckon? Or copper? Oh, all this dust is making me kind of faint!"
Eva stumbled a few yards over and took a seat on a rock. She noticed Rodrigo out of the corner of her eye. Who the hell was he?
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Post by Rodrigo Castillo on May 14th, 2010, 4:40pm

Rodrigo wasn't too interested in the mining work being done, but the presence of Travis made him suspicious, especially due to the fact that he seemed to be diverting him.
"Sure, Travis, sure," he said, smiling as he watched the cannons shut off in the distance.
"I will certainly check that out for ya. But what brings you here if your mom's in such trouble? Shouldn't you be looking out for her?"
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Post by Travis Hallow on May 17th, 2010, 10:41am

Travis voice started to wobble a bit because he just wasn't any good at telling lies.

"Truthfully," Travis said. "I'm here cause Carlos that Mexican guy told me we were gonna get together and kill the man who killed my pa and this is part of the plan."

"I ain't sure how but we are gonna get that water hose to spray the monster with."
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Post by maddog the miner on May 17th, 2010, 10:48am

Maddog didn't see Rogrigo or the others. He had just set down the extremely loud hose.

"We are mining for some gold to put around your little finger little lady, and whatever other metals we find."

Maddog studied Eva's face. "Boy you shar have a perty mouth."

"How would you like to to see the inside of some real mining barracks? Like right now!"
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Post by Eva Thomas on May 25th, 2010, 11:01pm

"Isn't that kind of dangerous?" Eva said, looking into the mines. She tossed her hair over one shoulder before crossing her arms.
"Oh, I really ought to stop distracting you. Your boss must be nearby and everything, and I wouldn't want you to lose your job."
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Post by Rodrigo Castillo on May 25th, 2010, 11:04pm

Rodrigo raised his eyebrows and stared at Travis. Wow, that information came easily. He adjusted his hat on his head.
"A water cannon, huh?" he mused. "Actually, I guess that might do it, but..."
He bit his lip and looked over at the mine again. Motioning with his shoulder, he said, "She's with you too, huh?"
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Post by maddog the miner on Jun 2nd, 2010, 4:55pm

Maddog snorted and laughed.

"Why, I am the supervisor on this production. The owner of the mines live in New York. They don't come out here unless they are showin their rich friends their property out west. But I am the BOSS here!"
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jun 2nd, 2010, 5:05pm

Carlos decided that the time to move was now. He had found out who the boss was of the mines and, in addition, Travis seemed to be keeping Rodrigo busy in conversation, besides, what could Rodrigo do to the Rooster?

Carlos snuck up behind Maddog while the miner ogled Eva's chest.

His knife was like silk as it slid around the miner's neck, not cutting just resting there waiting to cut if it had to.

"Gringos!" Carlos yelled as loud as he could so the entire mining opration could hear.

"The Rooster is taking over the sandbox. You all do as I say or I stick your fat hairy pig boss."

Carlos looked around and noticed he had the attention of the miners.

"I need a gringo to run that hose. I am going to bring a Diablo! When it comes the Rooster is going to give it a bath."
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Post by Eva Thomas on Jun 6th, 2010, 2:09pm

Eva took the oppurtunity to pull out a revolver, which she had somehow managed to stuff into her right boot. She realized that Carlos had the boss under control, and so she turned to the others. Eva briefly wondered why she was doing this. She picked out a particularly burly looking miner and aimed her gun at him.
"You," she said. "Do what he said, all right?"
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jun 10th, 2010, 3:57pm

Carlos looked fairly please with what he had accomplished in such a brief time. He was concerned though about what Rodrigo may be considering doing. He felt he was very close to acheiving victory over the monsert of the mine.

He was happy to see that Eva was finally participating.

"Travis come here."
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Post by Travis Hallow on Jun 10th, 2010, 4:01pm

Travis didn't say anything else to Rodrigo. This was his opportunity to avenge his father's death, and if this new sherrif was going to try and stop them, then Travis would have to do something to him.

Travis approached Carlos.

"Whatchya need?"
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jun 10th, 2010, 4:07pm

"Muchacho, now you must go and bring the Diablo to the Rooster. Andale!"

Carlos smiled at Travis.

"You Muchacho seem to be whereever the monster is. Take your perro to the gold mine and let him get a whiff of the Diablo!"
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Post by Travis Hallow on Jun 10th, 2010, 4:08pm

Travis listened and did as he was told. Leaving at once to the gold mines.
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Post by Wade on Jun 13th, 2010, 12:26pm

Wade now began walking towards the group on the mining rig, however you would be hard pressed to able to identify him. His normal attire was replaced with a red suit made of strange material that gripped his form tightly. His face was covered with a faceless mask made of out of a hard material, with the only features being three large black facets. The only real indication it was Wade in fact was the duffel bag of good he kept slung over his shoulder.

When he neared them he began to speak, "More are on their way. I see you are getting your end of the planning complete?"

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Post by Marius on Jun 14th, 2010, 1:41pm

Marius followed behind Wade. He had deicded along the route that he didnt feel safe with Wade behind him. This just seemed all too convenient. He spotted the two vigilantes in front of him.

"Good day my friends I am glad to see you all in such good health" Marius said a warm smile formed on his face. Marius couldnt help but feel close to the two. Eva reminded him of Elaina West poor girl. While the Rooster well he was just loyal.

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Post by Eva Thomas on Jun 14th, 2010, 2:06pm

Eva, though distracted by Marius, made sure to keep her gun pointed at the miners and remain alert to what was going on around her. His arrival made her feel a little better about the situation. She would never admit this.
"Where the hell have you been?" she shouted at him. Eva acknowledged Wade with a nod, but left his question for Carlos to answer.
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Post by Jamie Caldwell on Jun 14th, 2010, 2:15pm

Jamie and Larghetto arrived a short time later, armed with every weapon they could find in the house, as well as some things not intended to be weapons... namely fireworks. Though he carried them in his pockets, Larghetto had, at present, abandoned his typical derringers for a more conventional six-shooter, while Jamie lugged a double-barreled shotgun he had recently taken to. The latter lit his cigarette.
"Let's do this right this time," he said. "I trust you know what you're getting us into? First sign that it's going downhill, we're out of there." This was obviously directed at Wade.
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Post by Marius on Jun 15th, 2010, 12:20pm

"Waiting for you don't you guys check the message boards" Marius said calmly he glanced over at the miners. So the old Vigilantes had stooped as low as holding up poor working class people.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jun 17th, 2010, 4:24pm

Carlos held moved very close to Mad Dog as this strange assemblage began taking place. He wanted to make sure of one thing, no one in this new party gained control of the hose.

Carlos did not recognized Wade at all.

"Miner, you pick up that water cannon now! These new intruders are not the diablo. You make nothing wet until the Rooster tells you to."

Carlos was lukewarm to Marius, "Who are these peopel you are with. Did you pass Travis', or did one of these newcomers kill the boy?"
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Post by maddog the miner on Jun 17th, 2010, 4:26pm

Maddog the miner did as he was told. He was nervous for his crew with all these hardened people coming in. Most of all he was nervous for himself.

The water cannon was a burden to hold and he called some fo the miners to help with its mass while he covered the nozzle.
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Post by Wade on Jun 17th, 2010, 5:38pm

Wade gave a small grunt and frowned at Jamie's comment, though his mask prevented any detection of it. He looked around and from heat signatures was able to see Eva was still very injured, however did not detect anything that hinted of Albert. He figured it was time to draw him out.

Wade did not stand as close to the rest of the group, and set his bag down. He removed two identical objects from it, what could best be described as two sleek metallic birds, their vibrant red color matching Wade's. On their underside however were large black facets that seemed to match the ones on Wade's mask. Wade sets one down and gives another a tap on its side which seems to cause a panel to spring open revealing a small void space. He pulled out a small vial from his bag and inserted it into the object before closing it and setting it next to the other.

He looked to his wrist, and tapped a flatter area on it. After a brief moment he stops and picks his two tools. He pauses one more and stares out to the horizon, scanning for any signs of life. He takes a few steps back, and then begins to spin forward, arms out, much like an athlete competing in discuss. He throws them into the air, and they quickly fl towards the horizon and out of sight.

"Albert should arrive soon. Sent out decoy. Travis missing. Good. Child should stay home," Wade says in his short phrases and taking his deep breaths.
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Post by Marius on Jun 17th, 2010, 9:10pm

"I assumed they were with you" Marius said looking at looking at Largetto and Jamie. These pretty boys werent the tough rugged people Marius was hoping to see. He couldnt help but feel alittle suspicious when Wade summoned the beast. A trap it almost seemed way too obvious.

"Rooser come here I need to speak with you" Marius said calmly motioning for the Rooster to come closer.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jun 24th, 2010, 4:25pm

Carlos was holding a knife against Maddog the miner's neck still. He watched in interest as to what the man in the odd mask was doing with the strange looking birds, birds that he had never seen before.

Carols was somewhat worried about this newcomer.

Carlos moved as close as he could while still holding the miner, who in turn was holding on to the water cannon.

" The Rooster can't get any closer to you," he said to Marius, "You must come over here."
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Post by maddog the miner on Jun 24th, 2010, 4:32pm

Maddog did liked the appearance of Wade even less. than Carols. These strip mines were owned by one of the richest landowners/tycoons in America. This delay in operations was already going to cost a fortune.

Maddog tried to get Eva's attention, since she was a woman, he figured she would be sympathetic.

"Hey little lady, I didn't mean no harm. If you have your friends move on we can forget this thing ever happened."

He also looked at Wade "You need money there fella, these mines are loaded with rich ore, you help me out and I can see you get a portion."
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Post by Wade on Jun 28th, 2010, 6:57pm

Wade continued to search though his bag while keeping an eye on his internal display from the mechanical bird he released, so far negative results.

He pulled out four objects of similar size, two of which resembled throwing dagger, the other two were more akin to daggers designed for punching. Both of which appeared to made out of the same matte black material, and oddly enough had no sharp edges, which largely seemed to defeat the concept. He loaded these into a black bandoleer and strapped them around his shoulder.

Next he pulled out an easily recognizable object, however it was made popular by Albert. Harlequin's Kiss which Wade designed earlier to be used by Albert, was now being strapped to his right forearm.

He paused for a moment and took a few steps to re-join the group.

"I've detected The Baptist's along with two others who I have identified as Hellister and he pet bat. The device I released earlier was releasing a faint blood trail that will lead them to our area. Take whatever last steps needed to ready yourself, it will not be long now. Approximately point five miles out and now closing fast."

His voice was now more solid, and he no longer paused for breath. An astute listener could however detect a slight digital muffle of his normal tone.
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Post by Marius on Jun 29th, 2010, 7:10pm

Marius nodded his head as the Rooster told him to move closer. He turned back and felt his stomach drop. Wade had the same weapon the Baptist had used on Nigel. The same weapon that nearly killed him brother. Marius felt fear enter his veins his heart pounded as he heard that the Baptist was five minutes away. It wouldnt be long before Marius would find out if this was a trap afterall. Marius quickly strode up to the Rooster. He leaned his face close to the Roosters ear.

"That man back there with the strange birds...he led you here to..he led us all here he knows something and he's not telling us it...if this plan doesnt work out I'm putting a hole in his leg and we're interrogating him this just smells like a set up." Marius whispered slowly so that the Rooster could understand the plan. Marius refused to die here. Even worse he refused to let a coward set him up in a trap like this and get away with it.
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Post by Eva Thomas on Jun 30th, 2010, 11:30am

Eva looked back at Maddog. "No, we've gotta do this. It's unfortunate that you guys got caught in the middle of it, yeah. But it really doesn't have all that much to do with the mine."
She yawned and kicked at the dirt, quickly growing restless in her position. She had formed the vigilantes, but somehow she doubted she was still in control. She wasn't even sure if they could be called vigilantes anymore. But it didn't matter all that much.
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Post by maddog the miner on Jun 30th, 2010, 4:45pm

Maddog looked pretty desperately at Eva. He had several thoughts running through his head.

His mining crew was still on the scene. Were these people so dumb to think that they would get away with killing him? Surely his mining crew would tear them limb from limb if his life was snuffed out.

"Whatever you stooges are doin here it ain't too smart. I got at least 40 men on this site. There are at least 30 more up in the mining barracks. You'all start wrecking are livelihood and you are all DEAD!"
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jun 30th, 2010, 5:04pm

Carlos gave Eva somewhat a sharp and harsh look after Marius had spoken.

He knodded to Marius.

"This masked man the Rooster does not know. The Rooster does not know why he is here. Maybe he is a friend of senorita Eva, maybe they are going to try and kill us after we kill the Diablo of the mines. Then they will go into town and take all of the Rooster's reward money and claim they killed the Diablo."

Carlos paused for a moment in thought and then spoke again, with a softer voice, to Marius.

"Once the Diablo goes down, watch him closely. I can throw my knife to about 11 feet. If I can stay in range I maybe kill him real quick right after. See what he hides under his mascara."

"The Rooster no likes those birds he has."

Carlos bit maddog's ear out of frustration.
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Post by Marius on Jun 30th, 2010, 7:15pm

"If the devil falls we break into his house and get him there" Marius replied still whispering so no others could see.

"In the open he could be being...watched by friends...we need to isolate him" Marius said coldly he then turned over to Eva. He smirked remembering Elaina West. It was just so odd that Marius would come across someone like her. Marius strode up to her quickly and gave her a pat on the back.

"You hurt? I'll try to be more help this time" Marius said his voice sounded oddly friendly. In fact he was very excited to be reunited with his militia once again. He even missed Mr. Hallow.
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Post by Albert on Jul 1st, 2010, 09:10am

The Baptist was suddenly assaulted by the stench of Wade, his existence was an affront to nature. The smell was far to overpowering to be a trace scent, he knew Wade was near. He knew that this time he would not allow Wade to escape.

He heart began to pound in his chest and his skin began to smoke with the burnt impurities in his metallic skin. He quickly begin to light up as a sun, casting a burning glow on all around him. The dust cast in the air from the nearby mine ignited as it drifted by him and the earth was turned to scorched hollow pits wherever he stepped.

"Wade," he managed to bellow in a deep voice that sounded as the earth moving. He began to to run in wide fast steps, swinging his free arm rapidly and holding his sword tight against his side.

The Baptist had tunnel vision to everything else, his eyes narrowed to directly ahead of him. He smelled where the scent was coming from and nothing else mattered in his mind.
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Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Jul 7th, 2010, 8:41pm

Carlos heard the bellow of the monster. He turned the miner in the direction the yell had erupted from.

"Not yet gringo," Carlos whispered into Maddog's ear which now had a steady trickle of blood running down it where Carlos had chomped into it.

"When the diablo is within 50 feet then we blast it." Carlos held the tip of the knife against Maddog's neck.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Jul 7th, 2010, 8:49pm

"Oh Wade you shouldn't have," Hellister said approaching from the exact oppositte side that Albert was coming from.

"You threw a surprise party for us and everything, and lookey there, you even wore a cute mask and everything." Hellister took a long draw from his cigarette.

"Too bad you didn't wear some party prefume, my keen vampiric nose can smell your stink that identifies you."

Hellister was carrying the corpse of a woman that Dellister had dug up at the graveyard.

"I figured you might want some girls at this party so I brought one, though she is a bit stiff right now I will liven her up."

Hellister laughed, "in a moment, when the dancing starts."
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Post by Travis Hallow on Jul 21st, 2010, 5:03pm

Travis reappeared on the scene. He had his dog with him and it was panting heavily. Goop had tracked Albert all the way back to the mines.

Travis avoided the scary looking guy in the mask and made a huge arc around Albert so as not to be killed at once.

Travis ran up to Rodrigo, "That is him," Travis said pointing at Albert, "That is the man who killed my pa, you must arrest him at once so he can be hung until dead and then we all can get back to doin our lives and such."
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Post by Wade on Jul 26th, 2010, 5:00pm

Wade took a moment to think about the amplifying information, he considered the actions of the departed Karry and wondered how comparable the newly risen corpse would be to her. He had to consider when Delister would enter the fray, and where he would choose to strike first. He still wasn't certain if he would be able to deal with Albert when he wasn't at full strength, he was taking too few risks.

He decided the best course of action was to follow his original plan and moved back to his bag. He pulled out what looked like a black shoulder pad, and placed it on which secured itself to his suit with no visible way of it attaching. A number of thin metallic cords began to rapidly move down his arms, ending by coiling around his fingers. He then quickly grabbed what looked like two black plates he attaches to his belt, though they give no sign of their use.

He then take one last item from the bag before kicking it off to the side. A small pistol like weapon that he had yet to show to anybody.

He moves back to the group.

"Those of you with firearms focus on Hellister, the corpse, or the bat, it won't hurt Albert. Those on the hose team keep calm and be ready to move if he moves up too close."

He keeps close to the rest of the group and begins to tap on his wrist piece, sending silent messages to the mechanical birds overhead.
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Post by Rodrigo Castillo on Jul 28th, 2010, 11:44am

"What the hell?" Rodrigo said, though it sounded as more of a quiet statement then a question. He had come prepared for something strange, but he didn't really expect all of these things to happen at once. He motioned for Travis to get behind him. He listened to what Wade said about aiming at Hellister, and so he did so, not knowing quite what it was that was coming out of that mine, but he knew enough to know that his weapons wouldn't be of much use.
He moved closer to the group.
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Post by Eva Thomas on Jul 28th, 2010, 11:47am

Eva stood her ground with her guns still pointed at the mining team. She smiled briefly at Marius.
"Well, good luck," she said, shrugging. "You should help cover that guy. He doesn't seem all that tough in comparison. Once we get rid of them we can focus on Albert."
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Post by Dellister on Jul 28th, 2010, 5:06pm

A dark cloud blew in from the horizon. How odd it must have looked to those below because it was the only cloud in the sky.

In addition, the cloud was so dark as to look black, and peculiarly, it settled low in the sky right overhead of the party below. It sat heavy like a rock.

The cloud started to storm bringing down a torrent of hail. Then Dellister dipped out from it.

He had in his tiny hands 2 tiny corpses of babies which were obviously reanimated noted by their writhing. He dropped one down to Wade and another near Rodrigo.

The one near Wade stood up and waddled over to him with a smile. Then it leaped at once. Where it had once a mouth of just gums, someone had modified the baby to have a mouth full of sharpened steel needles used to make a row of teeth.
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Post by Marius on Jul 29th, 2010, 1:52pm

Wade was armed with the weapon the baptist had used on Nigel. A look of amusement came on his face as he connected the dots. That's when Wade began to bark orders about taking on Hellister. An obvious diversion it seemed. Wade was distracting attention from the baptist and himself. However Marius knew he had to play his part before blasting the brains out of some random stranger. Marius drew his revolver quickly and aimed it at Hellister.

"Sir, do you understand that you are currently interfering in an arrest?" Marius said calmly awaiting a polite surrender from Hellister. Hellister seemed like a typical pretty boy goon. Although alittle pale Marius knew he was nothing to be scared of.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Wade on Jul 30th, 2010, 05:43am

Wade was very fast to react to the reanimated infant currently lunging at him. He moved with extreme fluidity and speed, pulling back his arm and then striking with his Harlequin's Kiss, aimed at the child's abdomen. After begin impaled however, Wade did not pull his arm back, instead he jerked his wrist forward, causing his weapon to release its content of pressurized liquid nitrogen into the core of the baby. After a short moment of struggling against the hold of his weapon, the baby stopped moving and Wade dropped his arm back down to his side, causing the infant to shatter against the hard ground after being frozen from the inside.

He turned to the group again, "If you have a shotgun target the flying baby. High speed and flying, use caution."

Even through his digitally muffled voice you could detect his slight gasps for air in-between his speech.
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Post by Hellister Scowley on Aug 4th, 2010, 8:26pm

Hellister continued to puff on his cigarette and then flashed Marius a smile displaying his canines.

"Oh am I now, hindering an arresst you say" Hellister looked up in the sky and watched Dellister swoop in and out of the cloud at a high rate of speed.

"Well I guess you guys do look like you have all the advanced weaponery, what choice do I have but to surrender and be locked up?"

Hellister stepped forward with his arms out as if to be handcuffed.
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Post by Dellister on Aug 4th, 2010, 8:33pm

Dellister dropped down like a bolt of lightning. He landed directly on top of Marius's shoulder, his feet presenting against Marius's Trapezius muscles. The tiny talon-like feet of Dellister pinched together, the claws hooking into the Trapezius muscles, and then at once he flapped his wings and Maris was airborne.

He lifted him high into the air, they were traveling back up into the dark cloud.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Hellister Scowley on Aug 4th, 2010, 8:34pm

"You guys have fun," Hellister chuckled, "maybe you can arresst me when you get back."
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Aug 4th, 2010, 8:40pm

Carlos continued to hold off on unleashing the super-high pressured stream of water until Alber was within feet of Wade. The impact would be devastating he felt, especially from that range.
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Post by Albert on Aug 5th, 2010, 09:34am

The Baptist's vision had greatly decreased in his rage and could not see clearly beyond a distance of roughly 200 feet. However, he was quite sure he was approaching Wade. He could smell all the others and recognized them from previous encounters, all of his thoughts were now focused completely on Wade for now however, they meant nothing to him.

When The Baptist was finally able to catch sight of Wade he let out another great roar as his ran faster. His huge frame and strong legs greatly accelerating him, barreling towards the group at nearly 50 miles per hour. The rush of air fueling the flames that were lithe on his body, making him seem as a fireball traveling towards the group.
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Post by Marius on Aug 5th, 2010, 10:24pm

Marius's eyes widened in shock as he felt the piercing talons dig into his shoulders. He quickly began to struggle and started shaking in some vain attempt to break free. He felt his feel raise off the ground and he felt his stomach drop. A sick disgustng feeling of foolishness filled Marius's heart. Sure an open plain was a good place to fight the baptist. However that flying beast Wade had spoken of clearly had an advantage.

As Marius began to gain distance off the ground he stopped struggling. Marius let out a deep stress relieving sigh. He closed his eyes and felt his muscles relax. With his mechanical hand Marius grabbed Dellister's leg. His mechanical hand gripped harder into Dellisters flesh. Afterall an artificial arm felt no discomfort from squeezing hard enough to cause some nice internal bleeding for Dellister. He then grabbed the other leg with his soft tender human hand. Marius awaited the struggle when the beast felt the pain surge up it's spine to it's brain.
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Post by Dellister on Aug 20th, 2010, 3:27pm

Dellister made many baby/infant-type sounds of distress as the mechanical hand of Marius shattered the tiny demons calf. Dellister considered bending down his head to chew the nose off of Marius. Dellister's vertebrae were such that he was most like a cat, in that bending all the way down past his feet was no problem for him.

Intead though, he continued to fly until he was positioned over Wade. Then, he folded up his little wings and him and Marius desceneded in a dead-man's drop. The target below of course was Wade.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Aug 20th, 2010, 3:43pm

Carlos, usually extremely cool, let nerves get the better of him. When Albert bolted out at a 50 mph hour run, Carlos began to shake a litte. Never had he seen a human at such a pace. He trembled to a point where the knife he was holding sliced apart Maddog's jugular.

Carlos was quite suprised when the stream of warm blood drenched his face.

"Oh Sh#$!," Carlos called out to his crew. "I killed the gringo".

Carlos himself picked up the water cannon. He opened the valve and let the jet stream of pressurized water advance in Albert's direction.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Marius on Aug 20th, 2010, 3:59pm

Marius held tightly as he felt Dellister descend towards the ground below. He gazed down at the ground passing before him. His human hand pulled the revolver out of his pocket. He pressed the gun against Dellisters thigh. Marius pulled the trigger quickly and at the same time let go of the beast. He knew the gunshot would be enough to warn Wade to get out of the way in time. Marius had also ensured the drop would not be high enough to break any bones. As he fell he closed his eyes and waited a painful but not crippling fall to the earth below.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Wade on Aug 20th, 2010, 5:34pm

Wade watched intently in the direction of Albert, doing his best to monitor Hellister and Delister as well. When he noticed The Rooster was now manning the hose and opened fire on Albert, he took in a sharp inhale of breath.

He the water neared Albert, a very strange phenomena began to take place. As the liquid came close to Albert's body, it began to change into steam. The steam created a pocket of air that prevented the rest of the water from contacting him. The steam would be forced out of its position by the force of the water, only to have an equal amount replace it. The force first began to push against Albert, and while it did eventually stop him, it was unable to push him back.

Thus causing a cloud of steam to quickly form in the area. With Albert's surface body temperature still being high enough to maintain his mobility, the steam was burning hot, and easily able to envelope all people in the area.

Wade quickly perched himself on the railing of their platform, however thermal imaging was rendered useless, he began to mentally change his readings between infrared as well as changing optical intensities, he was unable to detect Albert, and could only wait until he could find a way detect him though the chaos.

"Damn you Leidenfrost!" Wade cursed loudly.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Dellister on Sep 3rd, 2010, 09:47am

Dellister, after being released by Marius, arched his body and swooped into the cloud of steam. The grotesque heat turned his body beet red, but otherwise did not seem to harm him.

He landed on the ground a few feet from where Wade was standing. He looked at his ruined leg which Marius had broken and then blew nearly to pieces with his gun, as the demon's bone structure was quite small.

He bent down in an enxtreme position until his head was down to his gunshot wound. Then, with his little mouth of razor teeth, he made quick work of his upper leg. Within seconds he had gnawed it off.

Dellister picked his leg up which contnued to thrash and kick, like a lizard's tail removed from a lizard. He hopped over to a small hole in the ground and stuck his little hand into it. When he pulled out his small hand, it was gripping tightly a rattlesnake.

Dellister quickly tied the snake, which was suffering greatly from the steam, into a knot around his severed leg.

Then he let the leg free and it hopped over to Wade, the snake thrashing about until it found something to take out its agony on, Wade's leg. The snake bit down with misplaced vengeance.

Re: The Strip mines
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Sep 3rd, 2010, 10:12am

Carlos continued to man the cannon. Some miners at the appearance of Albert fled. Other, more brave ones, and God fearing, went to the aid of Carlos, and helped him manage the massive cannon.

Calos hoped that as Albert neared, the pressure of the cannon, and cooling effect of the water, would be enough to succumb the beast, and break down the heat barrier.

However, as Albert neared, the heat became more inense, and Carlos wondered how much his body could take, and how long before he would die like this guy

Only he really didn't think about this guy because this event had not happened yet.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Travis Hallow on Sep 3rd, 2010, 10:19am

Travis, who was standing behind Rodrigo, grabbed the back of Rodrigo's shirt as the steam started to evelope them.

"This is a Death Trap!" Travis screamed at Rodrigo as he began to pull him backwards from the steam.

Travis, with his other hand grabbed Goop by the collar.

"Eva!" He shouted as the air began to get extremely difficult to see through, "We have to get out of here, this is crazy."
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Rodrigo Castillo on Oct 4th, 2010, 3:12pm

Rodrigo nodded, quickly moving backwards. He looked over to where Eva had retreated from the steam, whom he assumed Travis was calling to.
"Hey!" he called out. "You get this boy and this dog out of here! I need to monitor the situation!"
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Eva Thomas on Oct 4th, 2010, 3:15pm

Eva winced as she ran from the mist until she was at what she felt to be a relatively safe distance away for the time being. She was vaguely aware of Rodrigo's commands to her. Looking over, she saw that he was with Travis. She clenched her fist around her gun and shook her head, irritated.
"You do it!" she said. She stared out into the cloud of steam, but was forced to move back as it burned her eyes. "Where's Marius?!"
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Rodrigo Castillo on Oct 4th, 2010, 3:17pm

Rodrigo wasn't expecting this response. He stood there a moment, stunned, before realizing he had to act quickly. He nodded and grabbed Travis by the arm.
"Come on," he said, pulling him in some direction. "We'll have to get some distance away until it clears up."
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Albert on Oct 4th, 2010, 6:40pm

Albert was not enjoying the dropping temperature, the felt lethargic and listless, it was something akin to being dropped in ice water for him. Eventually the pressure forced him to step to one side and quickly learned that the power of the cannon was not able to follow, as the steam did not allow for people to track their targets.

He takes two large steps toward the source of the water and with one large overhand swing attempts to strike the source of the flow, filling the air with the loud sharp sounds of the hardened metallic skin snapping and cracking as they are twisted and reheated by his movements.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Wade on Oct 4th, 2010, 7:02pm

Wade instantly felt the needle like fangs punch through his suit and into his leg. Unfortunately, the fangs venom was not slowed by the advanced webbing of the suit as they were totally bypassed.

He reacted within the second, touching the snake's head with pads of his index and middle finger. Within a hare's heartbeat a 300 volt 30 Hz electrical charge. This left minor burn marks on the snake's skin, however traveled rapidly through the snake and exited though the fangs injected in Wade, burning the broken vessels closed before too much venom was injected. The 30 Hz charge, did not greatly effect Wade's heart, the snake was not so lucky however.

As Albert stepped in closer and exposed his still heated flanks, Wade had a clear view of his target. He rolled the snake's head off of his leg and leaps at his target, drawing his two throwing dagger like weapons and hitting his flip-belt in a fluid movement. When he was roughly four feet away he threw his daggers at Albert's flanks. The two objects quickly reacted to Albert's magnetic field allowing themselves to dig into Albert, but still not hurting him too much.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Marius on Oct 15th, 2010, 10:14pm

Marius's vision blurred as he felt the steam sting his eyes. He quickly opened his eyes and looked around for the huge hulking figure of Albert. He saw the lumbering shadow of the beast behind him. Marius cursed under his breath and drew his revolver. The hot steam made it difficult to keep his eyes open. So as Marius ran in the opposite direction and fired into the steam in Albert's direction. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best. He hoped that perhaps the shots would atleast wound the beast.

Re: The Strip mines
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Nov 18th, 2010, 6:45pm

Carlos saw Albert's huge arm emerge from the steam. He couldn't duck, not with the massive cannon he was trying to control. Luckily for Carlos, or maybe not as you will see in the following sentences, the blow was wild and completely missed him.

Carlos knew however the next few blows would definitely make contact at some point. He looked down to see if he could prop the hose against something and that is when he noticed his skin.

Carlos's skin was literally sloughing off of his arms. He realized then just how futile his position was. It didn't matter if Albert's blow connected or not, Carlos was as good as dead.

Carlos remembered back in the mine when he had stabbed Albert in the eye. It seemed to have some effect on the beast.

He reached for his long pig-sticking knife. He tried to pulle it out of his belt and his palm came off.

"Diablo" he screamed through the steam.

Carlos through great pain grasped the wood handle of the knife and drew it with his exposed fascia where his palm once covered.

He then dropped the hose, which like a great serpent sprung backwards and then upwards destroying everything it hit.

Carlos then stepped out of the steam and face to face with Albert. Carlos's entire face was melted off, sloughed on the ground.

The Rooster's eyes were burned red, he could only see fuzzy images.

"Diablo!" He held his long knife up to Albert's face. "You have killed me, again. " He tried to talk through his burned mouth and swollen tongue, "But as long as I come back I will harass you until I kill you." Calos then thrust his long blade into the direction of Albert's eye, again.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Dellister on Nov 18th, 2010, 6:57pm

Dellister laughed when he took flight again spied Marius fire his revolver at Albert. The act was so silly to him, like throwing pebbles at a bear, that he nearly fell out of the sky with his hearty belly laugh.

He watched as Wade shocked to death his snake. But when Wade threw the knife at Albert, he laughed even more.

Was this their great plan, to bring a bunch of silly gags to fight with, knives and guns, against the hulking demon Albert?

Dellister flew to where the hose was thrashing about, dodging it as neared. He darted down on its head and picked and stabilized it. He flew a length of the top portion of the cannon into the air. And then he turned it on Marius.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Marius on Nov 18th, 2010, 8:02pm

Marius felt the water spray at him in the back. The water burnt his back as it quickly turned into steam. Marius screamed in pain as he stumbled out of the fog and fell onto the grassy hill. He hit the ground face first tasting the dirt and grass. The water continued to spray at him and he scrambled in some vain attempt to escape. He felt the sting of the cold water and just give in. He quickly turned over onto his back and and gazed at the blue sky. Marius lifted his head up and stared at his drenched clothes. He heard the Roosters speech at the bapist. Marius just couldnt help but laugh at the situation. There he was in this insane predictament. The beast killing pretty much his only ally and he was being sprayed with a high powered water hose. He closed his eyes and continued laughing as he tightened his grip on the revolver. Perhaps if Marius had not been laughing so much he would have turned the revolver on himself. Considering that death was probubly closer then he imagined.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Albert on Nov 19th, 2010, 08:50am

Albert was still slow to react when The Rooster swung at Albert, and was squarely hit by his sharp knife, digging deep into his eye. Albert could not let out a scream, however did take a step back.

The solid metallic coating covering his body began to dissolve into the orange pools of metal around them. With his lungs now heated he let out his scream, piercing the air in a shrill tone.

He drew his sword back and with it raised over his head he swung at the Rooster again, knowing this time he would not miss.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Wade on Nov 19th, 2010, 08:51am

Wade was quick to react in the few moments The Rooster had granted. He grabbed the circular plate that had hung from his belt. They uncoiled to reveal themselves to be finely segmented belts that had be tightly linked together. He gave them a few swings as he closed on Albert. He was two paces away and Albert was just beginning his swing, Wade launched them like a pair of bolas.

The wrapped around Albert's leg near his knees, and the other around Albert's arm and head. They both began to constrict around themselves, attempting to return to their original disk-like state of being. Their metal-ceramic composition yielding great tactile strength and high melting point. Soon even Albert would be unable to move.

With Albert's delay in movement Wade took out his last two daggers and drove them into Albert's shoulders, soon sinking towards the molten core in his chest.
Re: The Strip mines
Post by Carlos "The Rooster" Delgado on Nov 27th, 2010, 9:11pm

Carlos' life force had all but ebbed when the large blade came down on the center of his head. His lobster red body was heaved cleanly in two, longways.

With his dying hands he tried to hold his body together, instinctively. But his fingers were useless to hold his body together and he divided and died.