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Jan 22nd, 2018, 5:58pm

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Wesley Pressman

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xx Pressman Household
« Thread started on: Jul 15th, 2006, 4:56pm »

Name: Wesley Charles Pressman

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 6

Occupation: Journalist/Publisher until his office burned down, now unemployed

Appearance: This guy is tall. Tall and skinny, measuring at 6'4 and weighing approximately 130 lbs.
His hair is of average length, jet black, and somewhat messy. There are usually dark circles beneath his catlike yellow-green eyes. His choice of dress is nothing out of the norm, but he gravitates towards black jackets and vests, and seems to have developed a taste for fedoras.

Personality: Obsessive compulsive, to say the least.
He can't stand odd numbers and loves perfection.
Things out of place can result in throwing things away, rearranging things and angry tantrums.
If you can stand this annoying bit, which you won't, he is actually quite friendly. While once constantly depressed, Wesley now can be rowdy and silly at times, partaking in alcohol more than he ought to. He is looking for direction in his life and is more willing than ever to try new things.

History: Born in the East to two irresponsible parents and abandoned after a few years. This may be the cause of some of his chaotic behaviors. Later, he was taken in by the sister of his mother, who was a much better guardian.
He went to college and became a struggling reporter, often because the issues he wrote about involved paranormal material. Eventually, he moved to Clauden, hearing its tales and figuring he could be successful there. He was married once, but it didn't last even a year. His wife, Marie, grew tired of his habits. Later Wesley learned that Marie was beaten to death by a drunken husband in his absence.
Shortly after coming to Clauden, Wesley was able to overcome his past sorrows and begin a relationship with Alexandrea Fontain. The two were to be married, until Alexandrea's unfortunate transition to a vampire put an end to the plans. When Alex tragically died, Wesley fell into a deep depression. He left Clauden for several months to find himself, and returned, on the road to recovery.

Carnation and Toshi Pressman - Real parents
Hibiscus Thomas - Aunt and mother figure (R.I.P.)
Marigold "Marie" Bell - Ex-wife (R.I.P.)

Levels of Affection
Hate:Gohby Tween - Marius - Raphael
Indifferent: Clay - Remy - Francesca - Cyril - Draegan - Delia - Mariah - Serena - Dwight
Friend: Miakoda - Armond - Fermata - Nigel - Sicilia
Good Friend: Jamie
Best Friend: Larghetto
Love: Eva (family love)

Other Characters: Raphael Lehrer
[Does your character have a sibling? How do they get along?]

No, he has no siblings, but does have a few cousins whom he treats as such.

[What does your character dislike? Why?]

Things out of order, messy things, etcedera.
Sometimes he has trouble tolerating people who are overly enthusiastic about how well their life has turned out.

[What is your character's favorite season? Why?]

Fall. It's a bit cooler out, and he loves the way the leaves look when they fall.

[Is your character social? If not, why?]

Not particularly, but he isn't antisocial. He doesn't talk to people all that much.

[Is your character mature, immature, or just right for their age?]

Mature, with that little bit of immaturity that comes with OCD.

[Is your character jealous of anyone? Why?]

People who accomplish things that he's always wanted to do.

[What sort of food does your character like? Healthy, junk food? What?s their favorite meal?]

He's big on fruit, vegetables, bread and rice.

[What clothes does your character like to wear ?]

Anything that's available, as long as it doesn't have any lint, wrinkles or stains on it...

[Do people consider your character a snob? How do other people view your character?]

In a way. His obsession with perfection could be seen as snobbiness, but it isn't likely.

[Has your character ever seen someone die? Who and when? How did they feel afterwards?]

Yes, and it gave him a new appreciation of life. Temporarily, anyway. In the long run, it just added to his overall negativity.

[Who does your character feel the closest to? Why?]

In Clauden, Larghetto. Otherwise, he is was very close to his aunt, who took him in and took care of him, but she recently passed away.

[What is your character's best memory? Why?]

Getting the oppurtunity to travel to Clauden. He felt that he may actually find success in the little town. Also, when Alex told him how she felt.

[What is your character's worst memory? Why?]

Wow, well...
Marie's leaving and her death, self explanatory. Not to mention his journalism office burning down which led to shooting someone. Alexandrea told him that she was a vampire and broke of their engagement and then she died. His aunt died and he was the subject of attempted murder atleast twice.

[Has your character ever been to another country?]


[Where does your character see themselves in 10 years? 20?]

He's always wanted to be a famous journalist, but doubts he will ever get that far.
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In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. ~ Albert Camus
About Wesley
Eva Thomas
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xx Re: Pressman Household
« Reply #1 on: Nov 27th, 2007, 7:56pm »

Name: Eva Thomas

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 8

Occupation: Exhibition shooter / Gun for hire

Appearance: Eva has heavily lined pale green eyes and soft facial features. A waterfall of semi-wavy dark brown hair falls to her mid-back. Her lips are naturally deep red. She is short for her age at 5'3 and is not slim or small-framed like most women. No, Eva is more on the stocky, muscular side. She'll wear blouses and broomstick skirts and, heck, even the occasional dress, but she doesn't refrain from wearing pants when it would make the situation easier. You can't trip over a nice pair of trousers when you're in a fight.

User Image

Personality: Eva is stubborn and determined. If she wants something, she'll get it. If she wants to do something, she'll do it. If she doesn't, she won't. She is an obvious tomboy and almost has the personality of a salty sea captain. Her quick and agile movements make her perfect for her job. She has a hobby of fighting without firearms on the side, but she's not stupid and won't start a fight with someone she knows she can't beat. However, because this makes her undefeated, she does do a bit of unfair bragging.
She strives for the "three B's" = beauty, brains and brawn. Still, strength has always been farmost in her thoughts. She is tough and she knows it. Eva is the kind of woman who would step on a nail, say "ow", pull it out and continue with her day.
Eva is spontaneous and a little bit of a party girl with a sarcastic sense of humor. She likes to act the way she thinks that a pirate might.
She also likes men, but is impulsive and fickle. She might meed a man on Monday, marry him on Tuesday and divorce him on Wednesday.
Overall, she's not loyal and not to be trusted.

History: Eva was born and raised in New York and, throughout her entire childhood, dreamed of becoming a pirate. She married at an early age and moved with her husband to Denver during a gold rush. However, her husband became infatuated with the gold and she began to see less and less of him. He was gone for days, then weeks. Finally, he was gone for a month and he came back to an empty house.
On her own, Eva moved to the west Texas town of El Paso and taught herself to use a gun. They reminded her of pirates.
She bought her revolver with some money she stole from her husband and practiced shooting targets every day. One day, to demonstrate her skill and boost her ego, Eva went to the local saloon and shot six bottles from the shelf.
Impressed, locals paid for the lost alchohol and recruited her into an exhibition shooting show. However, she lost interest in this quickly and put herself out as a gun for hire, not really caring if she worked for the "good" guys or the "bad" guys. She came to Clauden because she heard that it was dangerous and she knew that she was tough enough to survive. Not to mention, she could visit her cousin Wesley who had mentioned that he lived there when they reunited at their mother's funeral.

Brothers: Nethaniah, Samson
Sisters: Delilah, Abby, Nymphas
Cousin: Wesley Pressman
Illegitimate daughter: Columbia (Somewhere in El Paso. She doesn't like to talk about it.)

Levels of Affection
Indifferent: Jamie, Sakura, Razo, Yumi, Ryan, Annabella, Marius, Albert
Friend: Clay, Draegan
Good Friend:
Best Friend:
Love: Wesley, Delilah (family love)

Other Characters: Larghetto Allemande, Fermata Allemande, Francesca Scowley, Jamie Caldwell, Wolf Wallenstein... Yeah, I think that's about it.
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"Do you realize - that happiness makes you cry,
Do you realize - that everyone you know someday will die."
-- The Flaming Lips

Eva's profile (post number 2 ^_^)
Delilah Thomas

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xx Re: Pressman Household
« Reply #2 on: Nov 29th, 2007, 3:53pm »

Name: Delilah Thomas

Age: 26

Occupation: Formerly a teacher

Personality: Delilah is highly religious and she tends to show that a lot. She's actually a very nice person to just about everyone. There are times when she could flip her lid, but she would always pray afterwards. Delilah is a very honest person and always tries to do the right thing.

Appearance: Delilah has pale blue eyes that are brought out by her dark brown shoulder length hair. She has a very delicate figure, unlike her sister Eva. Delilah would never think of wearing anything man-ish. She's a girly girl at heart and does not pretend to be otherwise.

User Image

History: Born and raised in New York and the only one of the family who still lived with her mother into her twenties, and therefore probably the closest to Wesley. She basically spent her life taking care of her mother and making money teaching. When her mother died, she followed Wesley.
Delilah had always lived a life of purity. She tried to stay true to one thing that she knew well, and that was religion. She clung to it, especially in the event of her mother's death.

Hibiscus Thomas - mother - deceased
Charlie Thomas - father - deceased (killed in war)
Nymphas - sister (age 30)
Netheniah - brother (age 28)
Samson - twin brother (age 26)
Eva - sister (age 24)
Abigail (Abby) - sister (age 21)
Wesley Pressman- Cousin

Levels of Affection
Good Friend:
Best Friend:

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Delilah Thomas
"Whoever blushes is already guilty; true innocence is ashamed of nothing. ---Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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