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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:11pm

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xx The Secutus Household
« Thread started on: Jul 24th, 2009, 8:30pm »

Name: Senka Liliya Secutus

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: August 13th 1861

Occupation: Follower. Within her religion it’s equivalent to Friar. There is no designated salary. She’s become very good at odd jobs and relying on the kindness of strangers.

Appearance: Senka is a hair above 6’1”. She might strike one as pretty on the first glance, but on further inspection her eyes are too thin for her long face, or her hair is actually more messy than done up, or her jaw is just too tight. Her hair is bright red. Her eyes are a light goldish hazel. She has a smattering of freckles across her nose. She just appears slightly awkward in her own skin. She wears practical clothes, work boots and jeans mostly.


Personality: Senka is quiet and aloof. She enjoys listening more than talking, but enjoys company. She dislikes being entirely alone. It is almost a phobia. She adores children and will go out of her way to meet them, or help them. Her travels away from her family have forced her to face her beliefs, and introduced her to doubt and insecurity for the first time in her life. Slowly the glorified glow of the righteous has faded to fatalism. She is more stoic than strong and more lost than wandering.

The Secutus family has, as long as even written history can remember, has been a member of the Volgeni, a strange and very secretive religion. The Volgeni believe that service is the ultimate calling of any person, regardless of what the service entails. To this end children are educated constantly from the age of six in art, music, dancing, martial arts, weapons, and anything else they possibly can cram into their little heads before the age of 20 when they are let go from the fold. At that point their goal is to find someone, anyone, with an achievable goal. If the person seems passionate enough the Volgeni dedicates them to helping that person achieve that goal. It does not matter how long it takes. Only after they accomplish this task can they move on.

Senka was brought up with her elder brother in this world. They lived in a community completely composed of their religion. They felt glorified by their education; empowered by their religion. When Senka left she found a disappointing world. Many people seemed devoid of passion, or had a passion without a goal. They wanted to be rich, but had no plan as to how to get there. She wandered for years, mostly doing jobs for children, which she found refreshing. I need my cat out of the tree. I want to build a tree house for my friends. I want mommy and daddy to stop fighting.

Five years after leaving Senka received word that her brother was presumed killed during his mission. She felt, profoundly for the first time, that her childhood had been wasted. She felt completely unable to mourn a brother she never really got to know. So, for the last year, she has been wandering freely. She worked at a ranch for 6 months, and moved on when they no longer needed her. At the moment she’s wandering aimlessly.

Family: Elizaveta Secutus: Mother
Nikolai Secutus: Father
Dimitri August Secutus: Brother (presumed dead)

Levels of Affection
Friend: Sylas Peller
Good Friend:
Best Friend:
Love: Verochka (pet)

Name: Dimitri August Secutus

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 17th 1848

Occupation: Ex-Follower. Candidate for supreme ruler. Vagabond Outlaw.

Appearance: Dimitri is 6’2” with hazel eyes and dark red hair. He’s built like a runner or swimmer; all length and practical muscle. He dresses, generally, in many, many layers, and seems completely unaffected by the fact that it’s a billion degrees outside. He has a natural, careless appearance and usually was always smiling. After the transformation, he seems distant and cold, but still has the same careless good looks.

Personality: Dimitri was a warm, loving young man who was dedicated to his cause and his family. He became bonded with people quickly, and was the sort of person you wanted to become friends with. You never had a very practical reason for it. He was just the sort of person you wanted around. He was the sort of person you wanted to know. After the transformation, stripped of his very soul, he has become cold, calculating, driven to madness. He is obsessed with finding his lost soul.

Dimitri had always been driven. He had lofty goals for his position in the Volgeni. Out of respect for his parents’ views, he said nothing. They had always been very traditionalist; believing that putting your leader above yourself should be your only goal. He shared them only with his baby sister, Senka. When he finally left he skipped the small good deeds and helpful errands that most Volgeni begin with and sought someone who wanted to be a conqueror. That would be the unspoken goal of every determined Volgeni; to win with their leader against the entire world.

He found one. His name was Francois Ludvin, and he wanted to take over the world. He skipped the usual strategies. He ignored politics, violence, winning the hearts and minds of nations. He decided on witchcraft. He wanted the girl and power and glory and he wanted it quick. So, the two researched. Dimitri, despite his personal trepidations about the approach, went to the dark, dangerous places of the world to find the secrets. The answer seemed to always be the same. Phenomenal Cosmic Power could be yours with the low low price of one soul. So, Ludvin, naturally, did what any man in his position would. He asked his loyal servant to trade his own soul for Ludvin’s powers.

Except it doesn’t work like that.

At the moment of the sacrifice, Dimitri’s soul was torn physically from his being, and the dark powers rose from the void below their feet. They were called to Ludvin, and, finding him whole, with a delicious soul inside, and unprotected by sacrifice, they tore him to pieces. Then they dissipated into the night air, and Dimitri, soulless and deserted, was flung through space and time until he woke in the dessert, completely convinced there was a way to find his lost soul, but having no idea what that was.

Family: Elizaveta Secutus: Mother
Nikolai Secutus: Father
Senka Liliya Secutus: Sister

Levels of Affection
Hate: Francois Ludvin
Good Friend:
Best Friend:
Love: Senka (Pre-soul-loss)
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