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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:07pm

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Rodrigo Castillo

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"So he starts to roam the streets at night, And he learns how to steal, And he learns how to fight, In the ghetto."

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xx Castillo Household
« Thread started on: Aug 21st, 2009, 09:50am »

Name: Rodrigo J. "Blackjack" Castillo

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 31, 1846

Occupation: Newly-appointed Sheriff of Clauden

Appearance: Rodrigo, nicknamed "Blackjack" by friends, has an apparent preference for the color black when it comes to wardrobe. His vest, duster, derby hat, pants, tie, and even his hair are all black, all the time. He stands at a staggering height of 5'4, making him a little
stocky, but not necessarily unattractive. Rodrigo has an unshaven chin and distinct sideburns that compliment his tan complexion. He has wrinkles forming at the corners of his eyes as a result of the time and the sun, and a single dimple that reveals itself on his left cheek when
he smiles. His dark eyebrows and large nose make his face unmistakable and interesting. Rodrigo never goes out without his signature black fingerless gloves, which, he claims, make it easier to use his guns.

Personality: Rodrigo is a no-nonsense man with an austere countenance, making him a strong figure of authority. He tries to be very patient but at the same time likes to find the most efficient ways to go about things. He doesn't talk a lot, however, and seems to have trouble trusting other people besides himself. He has an array of guns, including a coach gun and a rifle, but usually favors carrying two revolvers on his gun belt. Rodrigo is always serious when on the job. Otherwise, he is loving and friendly, but relatively mellow. Rodrigo is really just a sweet guy. He enjoys receiving hugs and going out for drinks with friends. He is good with children and animals but is uneasy around some large dogs. Rodrigo is able to speak Spanish well enough but occasionally will mix up words.

History: A well-traveled man of Mexican descendance who has never actually been to Mexico. Rodrigo was born in an obscure Oklahoma village that was relatively poor after repeated visits from bandits. His father was shot when he was 10, trying to protect the village from the robbers. Rodrigo began practicing with a gun immediately. He was so determined to protect his family that he stopped going to school and devoted himself full time to gun-handling and doing small jobs for money. As a teenager, he decided to take his family to a safer environment, and went first to Montana, where he ended up taking a man's life. Afterward, the Castillos journeyed down to New Mexico Territory into a more law-enforced town. Rodrigo showed skill and determination for his young age and was quickly hired as a deputy by Marshall Virgil. Years later, two youth, Dustin "Dusty" and Jack, came into town. One was a former outlaw and one was in need of a job and good with a gun, and the two were hired alongside Rodrigo. Together they formed a posse and kept the streets clean for a long time. After several fun years, Rodrigo packed his bags and, leaving his family behind, headed off in search for better things.

Family: A younger sister, Mayra, and his mother, Laura.

Levels of Affection
Indifferent: Carlos, The Romanas, Seward, Travis, Wolf, Francesca
Good Friend:
Best Friend:

Other Characters: Larghetto, Jamie, Francesca, Wolf, Elliot
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About "Blackjack"
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