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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:11pm

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« Thread started on: Aug 22nd, 2009, 8:10pm »

Name: Ama Kama

Gender: Female


Date of Birth: 1859: August 14th.

Occupation: Previously a slave, now an abolitionist.

Appearance: A step apart from your average oriental cheap labor. She has a long slender face, and sharp vulpine features. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of green rather than the normal brown / black of the Chinese labor building the intercontinental rail road. Her figure is also very slender, with jet black hair falling just below her elbows, and held back by a piece of twine. Though she is striking, and impressive looking, she is fairly short, standing at 4.5" she faces the world defiant and confident. Prefers to wear plain silk robes when available.

History: Once a resident of a forest in China, she was taken when she was 10 on a boat across the sea to be cheap labor. She found herself in the American southwest, separated from the clan she grew up with, the forests she knew, forced into slave labor by her clan leader who brought his clan over seas with him, and corrupt western business men who learned about her clans more special attributes. Her clan leader sold the clan to the corrupt businessman named James Grant.

In exchange for a large amount of land in the American southwest, and not destroying large portions of Chinese forests (which the clan use to reside, and still house much of what is dear to the tribe should they ever return) the clan leader named Inari. Though most of the Huli Jing are not sure why he traded them to James Grant, but are very dissatisfied with being indentured servants. The Huli Jing draw power from their homeland, and this far from the forests of China, their special power are somewhat....depleted. This combined with a sever allergy to cold iron has hampered an uprising.

Nevertheless, their cunning alone will be their salvation.
Ama Kama made a deal with a taskmaster(Miles Grant, youngest child of James Grant) who wished to inherit the family business, in exchange for her freedom she will make it so he inherits the most lucrative business in the wild west. She vows to assassinate every living member of the Grant family until Miles inherits the business.

A promise, a vow, a guarantee,any trade, or formal contract of any kind cannot be invalidated by Huli Jing, power and favors are a form of currency with them, and there is always an ulterior motive. Promises made by Huli Jing soon become a complex, and complicated web no matter their surroundings.

Family: The clan she is from acts as an entire family, although they are not related by blood. The Huli Jing Clan local to the forests of China ( any forest in China really ), raised children as they needed, and supported other when it was asked for, for a price of course.

Levels of affection:
Hated: James Grant
Indifferent: Most everybody else
Friend: Miles Grant
Good Friend: Huli Jing
Love: Herself
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