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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:09pm

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xx Karstein's Household
« Thread started on: Nov 14th, 2009, 09:16am »

Name: Victor Karstein
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: May 12
Occupation: Traveler

Appearence: Victor is tall and lean, about 6 ft. His hair is short and black, in contrast to his light, hazel eyes. On his right hand is a scar that cuts across his palm. His usual outfit consists of a black shirt that he wears under a dark green coat, brown pants, and black riding boots. Around his neck is a chain that holds his most prized possesion, a plain stone ring. Strapped to his waist is a long barreled revolver and a plain, steel dagger.

Personality: Victor is well humored and knows how to make a joke, and take one in return. However, his sarcastic nature causes him to have trouble getting along with unintelligent and overly serious folk, who usually have problems detecting his sarcasm. Victor is clever and loves to mess with the unsuspecting and the gullible. His mischevious grin, which he is seen with often, means he is probably thinking of a way to play a joke on somebody. Although he has noble origins, social status means nothing to Victor and he will not discriminate against any race. He seems to have incredible luck most of the time, as if he has an unseen gaurdian angel looking after him. He is is aware of his talents and is confident almost to the point of arrogance. But if someone proves to be his better, he will be one of the first to admit it. He has exceptional eyesight, but his hearing is poorer than most. His travels have made him fluent in English, German, Spanish, and many tribal languages. He is sometimes overheard talking with an unknown person, but whenever somebody comes nearby, Victor is always found alone.

History: Victor was born in Germany to a noble family and he recieved the best teaching available. When he was 18 years old, however, his family was mysteriously and brutally murdered. Surprisingly, Victor only spent a day grieving for them before he set off on a trip across Europe and into Northern Africa. After experiencing countless wonders and adventures, Victor returned to Europe and went to England. But after an incident with the King's daughter, Victor was imprisoned and sentenced to death.

On the day of his execution, Victor was found laughing in his cell. When the gaurds demanded to know what was so funny, he replied, "You're all fools. I'm not going to die!" The gaurds were confused by this statemnt, but disregarded it. Victor was dragged outside and hanged. But when the platform dropped out from under him, the rope around Victor's neck broke and he ran straight past the king and his shocked gaurds. A later inspection showed that the rope had been sawed through prior to the hanging, but by what or by whom was never figured out.

Not wanting to get himself in deeper trouble, Victor hid on the first ship he could find that was going to America. When he arrived in New York, he quickly got into trouble and had to flee west. Since then he has been drifting from place to place, searching for thrills and amusement.

Family: None

Hate: HenryMalma
Best Friend:

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