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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:09pm

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xx Anderson Household
« Thread started on: Nov 14th, 2009, 10:00pm »

Name: Maeve Elizabeth Anderson

Age: Twenty three

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 13.

Occupation: Widow, Farmer.

Appearance: Maeve is around 5' 4" with wavy shoulder length black hair. Her matronly dresses cover her shapely body. Her gray eyes have a naturally curious look in them like a young child's, making some people assume that she has a slower mind. She has a plain appearance to her which doesn't make her stand out in a crowd. She normally wears her hair up in a bun or ponytail.

Personality: Maeve can be aggressive and stubborn about the things she holds dear or if she wants something. Most of the time she is very polite, going back to her roots. She can seem overly perky to those she has just met, this is because most of the time she sees spirits that feed off of or want the attention of the person. Maeve is quick to look for the positive about people, mostly from what type of spirit that hangs around them. She gets moody around the anniversary of her wedding or her husbands death going to see his grave on those days.

History: Maeve was born on a farm back east, where she learned the lesson of hard work. She was shunned at a young age because she would tell her mama about the silent, strange looking people around. Tales of the girls 'illness' got around until she saw a man that had died, hanging on to his new widow. Silently the dead man lead the then eight year old child to the poison that had killed him. When she came back with it, not really knowing what she was doing she gave the sheriff the bottle, and telling about how the dead man showed her where it was.
Her parents tried to keep her away from people after that incident sending her to different family members. None who could "cure" the girl, who was now blossoming into womanhood, of seeing spirits. When her great aunt told her that she had found a husband for Maeve. The man was Ephraim Lewis Anderson, he had hear of her "illness", but still wanted to be with her. It was a classic fairy tale from there on, right? Wrong.
Ephraim was kind at first.The lack of spirits around him intrigued the now sixteen year old woman, who had never met anyone over the age of ten with out spirits. She shortly found out that the man was using magic to trap spirits, and trying to figure out how to use the energy in each spirit to his best interest. Maeve found out early in the marriage that if she did what he wanted he would be the man she had fallen for. They traveled around he would sell snake oil cures, while she would asses each customer. Then Ephraim would deliver "the cure" to individual homes, doing good for the people by taking the spirit that ills them. Soon he became Rev. Ephraim Anderson, going from revival to revival "curing" those that believed, becoming famous.
Maeve on the other hand would receive beatings if she tried to refuse to help her husband. Being starved was one of his favorite punishments to bestow upon her, if the spirit pickings were slim. Until she was nineteen and pregnant with their first child. Ephraim started treating her better, his punishments far and few between. The young woman was becoming who she is today. She believed that maybe her fairytale would come true with the birth of their son. Things did change once their daughter was born, Ephraim became worse.
The night he died Maeve and Alice were in Clauden, there was a revival being held out in the desert. She only tells people what the sheriff told her about an burglar coming and killing Ephraim over the few coins he had. She knows the true story because she saw his spirit locked inside of one of the jars he kept for his experiments. Maeve stayed in Clauden, using what money that she had saved over the four years of marriage, plus what Ephraim had managed to take for services received, to buy her a small homestead and animals. She hopes that this will be her and Alice's happily ever after.

Family: Her daughter Alice.

Levels of Affection
Friend: Mirror (well likes)
Good Friend:
Best Friend:

Other Characters:
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