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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:09pm

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xx Moose Household
« Thread started on: Nov 26th, 2009, 11:45pm »

Name: Moose


Gender: Male

Date of Birth:

Occupation: Random, Experience as a Trapper,Coachman,Hired Gun and prospector

Appearance: 6,3 Shoulder length "salt and pepper" Hair, a trimmed mustache, Grey eyes, Black cowboy style hat with black leather jacket and moccasins instead of boots. On his leg in a homemade holster is a sawed off lever action rifle chambered in 44-40, same as the revolver on the inside of his jacket, with a large hunting knife strapped to his boot

Personality: Moose is a very independent person due largely to his upbringing or lack there of. He is not a mean person by nature but he comes off that way to people used to dealing with civilized people that actually care what others think of them.

Most people start off on a neutral scale with moose and they either go up or down from there, he is not easy to anger, but that should encourage people to start a fight with him, he is a deadly man and has no moral qualm killing if he has to.

History: Moose doesnt know how he came to the states, he just knows the story that his uncle would tell him about how his parents sent him to america with his uncle to have a better life. Some life that was, he was sent to work in the factories as soon as he was 8, after working in the factories from sunrise to sunset Moose would come home and his uncle would be drunk and have him do chores and prepare dinner.

Moose escaped from this existence when he was 14 , a band of man came and hung his uncle for owing them too much money from a local card house. the other men left and the leader of the group stayed to ransack the house to make up moose's dead uncles debt. Moose had been hiding in the rafters and decided to attack with a hunting knife. It was messy, the man struggled and kicked, but moose had gotten lucky and hit a vital organ and soon the man lay dead, moose took the mans jacket, hat and Revolver and got out of town as fast as possible

The following years were spent going from place to place doing odd jobs to keep himself fed and from sleeping in a hayloft
Moose spent a few years in Dodge city as a hired gun, out in Colorado he rode shotgun for western union. up in the Montana territory he spent several years as a trapper, living on his own in the wilderness, lastly there were 5 years spent in the black hills or north Dakota prospecting.

Family: His dead uncle in New York, Moose doesn't know his parents or any living relative in America

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