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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:10pm

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xx Dionysus Household
« Thread started on: Dec 3rd, 2009, 11:26am »

Name: Dionysus

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Date of Birth: December 21

Occupation: Actor, liberator and drunk

Appearance: User Image That is what Dionysus's face looks like. He is a statue made of rock. The rock that he is made of his gray. The rest of his body is heavy set around 250 pounds. The statue was carved so that the clothes he was wearing was an ancient greek toga. His eyes glow green during the night and he cannot move his face. He often carries a bottle of wine. Which he pours into his mouth however since he's a statue it just drips down his face.

Personality: Dionysus is a lover of intoxication and freedom. He often considered to be kind hearted and generous. He often tries to help people get their desires and dreams. However the way he does this can be considered to be cold hearted and cruel. However in Dionysus's eyes he is a saint. When not helping people he often tries to help them become liberated. However most people arent too sure what Dionysus means by this.

History: Dionysus is always changing his stories about his past. However what is clear was that Dionysus was found in Greece amongst the ruins 20 years ago. He was found moving amongst the ruins by men who sought riches. Dionysus became their guide to riches and told them to take him to america. Dionysus guided them to a small town called Clauden. Where he claimed they would find their riches down there. He guided them down and showed them those riches. That's when the mine collapsed and killed them all except Dionysus. He was stuck underneath a fallen rock. With all that free time Dionysus learned how to have out of body experiences and appear as a orb to others. While he plotted his escape and planned on once again helping others.

Talents: Dionysus is a skilled actor and can change his voice to sound like others. He also often carries a wine bottle that magically never runs out of wine. Dionysus can change the wine alcohal concentration from very mild to very strong. Only by using the will of his mind. It also should be noted that he still gets drunk from the wine that he pours on his face even though he cant drink it. He can also have out of body experiences and appear to others as an orb. While turning into this orb he can listen and speak to them. He can also only by getting permission from the person. Take over thier mind and control their body and control what they see and hear.


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