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Jan 23rd, 2018, 7:56pm

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xx Valerius's [[not so]] home sweet home.
« Thread started on: Aug 26th, 2008, 8:55pm »

[[ooc- All of this conversation will take place in Valerius’ head except for what he says, and what Apep says once Apep takes over his body. I will therefore color what is said inside his head differently from what is said outloud to eliminate confusion.]]

-Valerius was standing somewhere a little outside the limits of Clauden, thinking as the sun went down that he should probably put up some form of housing unit to sleep in. He looked around, wondering what to use since he had no money whatsoever and zero resources in the area from what it looked like. He scratched his head, inside which They were snickering.-

‘You can’t do it, can you?’ whispered Apep from his seat deep within Valerius’s cerebellum, ‘Just admit it, you’re weak.’ He added.

Then came a high, screeching voice of Mukesh, ‘SURE HE CAN!’ The voice squealed, unnecessarily loudly, ‘He c’n always just lift a pinch o’ the ground real quick-like nd sleep under it, yeah?’
“No, no I can’t do that,” answered Valerius outloud.

-Valerius scratched at his head again and attempted to think of something. He had no ideas on how to accomplish his goal, and thinking of one was hard enough without The Five bugging him constantly.-

-Then came a booming voice inside his head, it was female, strong, and demanding.-

‘Why don’t you help?’
she bellowed, echoing throughout Varelius’ thoughts. Varelius flinched as Ayame spoke.

“Ayame, I’m so very sorry for disturbing your sleep, it’s ju-“ he began meakly but was cut off.

‘No need to apologize, Leri, you’ve done nothing wrong,'
came her same voice, much quieter and kinder this time.

-Valerius sighed.-

“Thank you very much Ziazan,” he smiled.

‘Help?’ Apep and Tatsuo both laughed.

‘Yes, you heard me correct. If he sleeps in the cold, so do we, if you don’t recall,’ she answered, her voice stern once more, ‘Now, Apep, if you please, lend your powers.’

‘Yes mistress,’ he said in a hushed voice.

-Suddenly, Valerius began to grab at his head, shouting in anguish and fighting himself slightly as Apep began to come out, forcing Valerius within his own head. He tried to escape but only forced himself to black out momentarily. This gave Apep time to take over without a fight.-

“Ahh, it’s good to be out in the real world again,” he said, looking down at his host’s hands and flexing his fingers a bit before being ordered to work from inside his head once more.-

-The ground began to shake as Apep clenched his fists and began to focus energy, he began to glow and closed his eyes, aiming his head up as he threw both hands into the air. At the exact moment his arms were lifted from his sides, the ground in front of him seemed to be drug upwards and formed into a large, stone hill. He opened his eyes and stopped glowing at once. He then walked up to the front of the hill (the side facing town) and touched it. His hand then began to glow and with that, so did a person-sized circle on the front of the hill where he touched it. A hole began to form rather quickly as the hill hollowed it’s self out. He looked around really quick before walking inside, looking up in the very middle of the cave, and tossing one hand upwards, forcing a small, chimney-sized hole to appear under a bush which sat atop the hill.-

“There, are you happy?” he asked Ayame’s voice for her approval.

very, but we need a well,’ She said quickly.

-Apep sighed, she always made him do everything.-

-He then walked outside, picked a spot, and touched the ground once more, causing a deep hole to appear. He then grabbed the side of a large boulder and turned it the shape of the rim of a well and placed it on top of the hole.-

Very nice, Apep,’ Ziazan cheered in his head.

-He smiled, looked up, and fell to the ground. When Valerius awoke, he was laying near the well under the only tree in the area. He stood, dusted himself off, and began rubbing his head as he looked around. He decided he needed a door also, so he grabbed a large fallen branch, dragging it over to the hill (his new home). He then walked into the doorway, lifted the branch behind him blocking the circle doorway off from the outside (obviously this was a sizely branch, lol), taking only a few smaller branches off for a fire, and went inside. He then sat in the middle, stacking the branches nicely; he asked that Tatsuo start him a fire so that he could sleep warmly, as it was now very late. Tatsuo did so, and he lay down on the cool earthy ground to rest for the night.-
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xx Re: Valerius's [[not so]] home sweet home.
« Reply #1 on: Aug 28th, 2008, 8:33pm »

The amazing Elliot Samson Laredo Byer had found his way back to town with the help of Sicilia Perrine, but, unfortunately, once again found himself lost. Clauden was still unfamiliar to this man with a terrible sense of direction. He really needed to find Bell Tavern so he could get a room as soon as possible.
Then, Elliot was distracted by some sort of weird hill cave thing that looked very out of place.
"Huh," he mused, tapping his fingers against the handle of his cane. He simply stood there, admiring the abode, not really sure of what to do next.
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